Din Tai Fung Australia is selling rainbow xiao long bao, and they’re 7 times bigger than the original

The mega-sized rainbow version comes served in a bamboo basket, and it costs AU$9.80 (S$9.30).
Instagram / Din Tai Fung Australia

Din Tai Fung Australia just added a burst of colour to its hugely popular xiao long bao – literally.

Last month, the Australian branch of the well-known Taiwanese restaurant chain announced that it would be bringing the “Giant Rainbow Dumpling” – which is seven times bigger than regular dumplings – to the table.

And the colourful dumpling has been such a hit with diners that the restaurant extended its availability from June 6 to June 15.

Unfortunately for xiao long bao fans all over the world, this peculiar version of the Michelin-rated dumpling is only available in Sydney and Melbourne.

According to Din Tai Fung Australia, the colour of the xiao long bao – which comes in a blend of yellow, orange, purple, blue, green and pink –  was inspired by Vivid, an annual lights and music festival held in Sydney.

As with all other xiao long bao, the mega-sized rainbow version comes served in a bamboo basket, and it costs AU$9.80 (S$9.30). In a video, the restaurant said that the dumpling contains seafood, pork, and a soup broth. It also comes with a straw can be used to drink the soup.

According to the video, the dough is weighed on a scale to ensure that every serving is the same.

And instead of the usual 18 folds, each giant dumpling is folded a minimum of 30 times, Din Tai Fung Australia said.

Singapore has also had its fair share of eye-catching xiao long bao concepts.

A few years back, Din Tai Fung here introduced a dessert xiao long bao filled with red bean and chocolate lava.

Earlier this year, Crystal Jade Singapore released three versions of xiao long bao in salted egg yolk, truffle, and chilli crab.

Paradise Dynasty Singapore sells its xiao long bao in seven unique flavours, namely: crab roe, cheese, black truffle, ginseng, garlic, foie gras, and szechuan.

In 2019, the homegrown restaurant introduced a Brown Sugar Lava version of the xiao long bao at its Suntec City outlet.

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