Dove apologises for ‘racist’ ad showing black woman turning into white one

Dove has apologised for an advertisement posted on its US Facebook page over the weekend which showed a black woman turning into a white woman to promote its body lotion.

The brand acknowledged that it had “missed the mark in representing women of color thoughtfully” with the three-second .gif that was posted on Friday (Oct 6).

It was taken down on Sunday.

Apology from Dove on Twitter
Dove Twitter Page

However, screen-grabs of the ad were shared  – including by popular social media account holders Naomi Blake and Naythemua – before it was removed and it went viral on social media.

Screengrab from Black Girl Culture Twitter page

Screengrab from Naythemua Facebook page

Dove has spent more than a decade trying to take a socially conscious stance on beauty with its campaigns like “Real Beauty” – and this ad may have just set it back.

What’s more, this isn’t the first time that the beauty brand has been accused of posting racist advertisements.

Dove’s “VisibleCare” advert was called out for being racist in the past- where implications were made about dark skinned women being inferior to white skinned women.