Dublin hotel owner sends fake invoice for $6.5 million to blogger for publicity she gained

UK-based social media influencer Elle Darby was sent a fake invoice for €5,289,000 for all the publicity she gained, according to a Twitter post by The White Moose Cafe.
YouTube/Elle Darby and Twitter/White Moose Cafe

A Dublin hotel and cafe owner who publicly shamed UK-based social media influencer Elle Darby over social media has now sent her a fake invoice for all the publicity the incident has given her.

Paul Stenson, who owns The White Moose Cafe and Charleville Lodge, is believed to be behind an image posted on his cafe’s Twitter account on Jan 20 of an invoice for €5,289,000 ($6,490,000), which includes a 23% tax of €989,000.

The invoice was for the “provision of features in 114 articles across 20 countries with a potential reach of 450 million people” and was addressed to Elle Darby, whose name can still be read despite some attempt to conceal it.

It went on to say that payment must be made in Euros and that “mentions in videos will not qualify as payment”.

Darby, 22, had over 87,000 subscribers on her YouTube channel last week and now has more than 95,000 at the time of writing.

She had found herself at the centre of a social media storm on Jan 16 after Stenson posted a reply on Facebook to Darby’s request for a free five-night stay at his hotel in exchange for publicity on her online platforms.

Stenson attached a screengrab of Darby’s original email and took the pains to black-out her name and other details but online users were quick to suss out that it was Darby, who ended up getting flamed by the online community.

The blacklash promoted Darby to post a YouTube video explaining how she felt, which led to the hotel receiving backlash of its own.

Stenson then announced on Facebook that he would be banning all bloggers from his businesses, and a recent Twitter post seems to suggest that guests who show up at the premises would quickly get wind of the rule.

On The White Moose Cafe’s website, a note said that the establishment is open to the idea of brand endorsement, just not in a “contrived or staged way”.

“We will highlight your product/service using a natural and comedic approach, and we will always be honest about what we think.”

The cafe owners are keeping it real.
The White Moose Cafe

Stenson even took it one step further by posting a photo of himself (that’s him on the left) with what appears to be new merchandise for the cafe.

Jokes aside, it was not before he posted a tweet on his personal account appealing to the online community to leave Darby alone.

He posted: “Some of the comments the girl (who I have never once named) is getting on her Insta are horrible. I don’t condone these comments and I think it’s time people laid off her. Insult me all you like, but leave the girl alone…She’s learnt her lesson. The end.”