Durians are incredibly cheap now thanks to an oversupply – ‘mao shan wang’ prices more than halved

Good news if you love durians – they’re going for a song now.
The Straits Times

The hot weather in Malaysia has led to an oversupply of durians as it makes the fruit ripen faster.

Some local sellers are so overwhelmed by the supply that they have resorted to giving it away for free.

Even the popular ‘mao shan wang’ (musang king or civet cat king), loved for its buttery texture and fleshy seeds, are going for a song.

The Straits Times reported that ‘mao shan wang’ durians are now going for as low as S$12 ($8.80) to S$15 per kg, down from its usual price of S$28 to S$35 per kg.

Others like red prawn, D13 and D24, which generally average S$15 each, are now selling for just over a third of that price.

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