A $30 Dyson vacuum for kids exists and it can actually lift small amounts of dirt

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As a chore-dreading adult, I don’t find my vacuum particularly amusing. It does the trick, picking up dirt and dust just fine, but let’s face it – in a sea of priorities, vacuuming is not a want, but a need.

Yet, I remember a simpler time when cleaning was actually exciting. As a kid, I didn’t think of cleaning (or pretending to clean) as a task, but a fun way to spend playtime – pretending to be an adult and try my hand at “big kid” chores. Imaginative play isn’t just fun for kids, it’s also really important for their development – and what better way to play pretend than to emulate the adults in their life.

This version is available on Amazon for $30

This version is available on Amazon for $30

This explains why kids (and their parents) are loving this $30 Dyson Vacuum. Yep, you read that right – now your little one can get their very own toy version of the ever-popular Dyson Ball Vacuum. The toy model is a pretty close replica of the real deal, with a similar design that can twist and turn just like the full-size one. The cyclone action is mesmerizing with colorful beads whizzing about in the chamber. There’s even a working suction element that can pick up little bits of debris and dust. Kids can vacuum away and then empty the removable dustbin so their vacuum is ready for the next cleaning session.

For just $30, this 25-inch tall version is a much more practical way to let your kids play grown-up, as opposed to giving them your real adult vacuum (which costs closer to $250) to play around with. Plus, with their own machine, kids can actually help out during cleanup, rather than contribute to the mess – at least, that’s the goal. Whatever the case, the kid-friendly model is an undeniably cute addition to playtime but also begin to develop broader life skills – like learning how to use a vacuum and the responsibility of keeping up with chores.

It’s a present the kids in your life will love, and their parents might love even more.

Buy the Dyson Ball Toy Vacuum for $29.99 at Amazon.

Buy the Dyson Ball Vacuum for $249.99 at Best Buy.