Everything you need to know about what Singapore’s Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said in his National Day message

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivered this year’s National Day Message at Kampung Admiralty.
Youtube/Prime Ministers Office

With Singapore’s 53rd birthday on Thursday (August 9), there were plenty of festivities and celebrations around the country.

An annual tradition that accompanies these celebrations is the National Day Message, and this year, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong delivered it at Kampung Admiralty.

Kampung Admiralty, as he explained in the video below, is a fairly new integrated housing estate designed for senior citizens, complete with a supermarket, a medical centre, a community garden, a childcare centre, and a hawker centre.

He added that the reason for being at Kampung Admiralty is that it is an example of Singapore’s education, healthcare, and housing policies coming together to benefit residents.

Prime Minister Lee said these policies will not only be in effect at Kampung Admiralty itself, but rather, all around Singapore.

Childcare centres, medical centres and housing will be improved and expanded in the coming years and in terms of the economy, the Prime Minister said that though it has been at “3 to 3.5% in recent years”, Singaporeans must still be wary of the future.

As Singapore chairs regional body Asean this year, Prime Minister Lee said the country will use this opportunity to enhance cooperation and friendship with neighbours Malaysia and Indonesia.

He also credited the recent summit between North Korea and the United States in Singapore as successful in ensuring international security and easing tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

“We are not done building Singapore yet. By planning boldly and creatively, we can reimagine Singapore, remake our heartlands and rejuvenate our communities. The work of building Singapore for the next 50 years will be a massive, long-term undertaking, lasting more than a generation,” he said.