Facebook has announced it is building a data centre in Singapore – and it’ll cost them a billion dollars

A new S$1.4 billion (US$1.02 billion) data centre will be coming here to Singapore courtesy of Facebook.

Facebook announced on Thursday (September 6) that it will be building a S$1.4 billion (US$1.02 billion) data centre here in Singapore.

Earlier last month, Google announced that it will be building its third data centre in Singapore, and Facebook has followed suit with its announcement of the upcoming data centre, will be its first in Asia and its 15th in the world.

The centre will be located in Tanjong Kling, formerly known as Data Centre Park, and Facebook said the 170,000 sq m property will “support hundreds of jobs and form part of our growing presence in Singapore and across Asia”.

When choosing a location to build its first owned and self-constructed data centre in Asia, Facebook had around 50 different criteria the locations had to meet, and Singapore checked most of the boxes.

The Republic was chosen for its robust infrastructure and access to fibre, a talented local workforce and its business-friendly environment.

These highly-advanced data centres will be used to help bring Facebook apps and services to people in the region.

When it is completed, the building will have 11 storeys and also feature a facade made of a perforated lightweight material, allowing air flow and providing a glimpse of the mechanical equipment inside.

The new centre will be the first to incorporate the new StatePoint Liquid Cooling system, a technology that minimises water and power consumption, and will reduce by 20%, the amount of peak water used in climates like Singapore’s.

The building is set to start operations in 2022, after which construction will continue for a few years before being completed.

Thomas Furlong, vice-president of infrastructure data centres at Facebook, said: “We are thrilled to be here today to announce that Facebook’s newest data centre will be located right here in Singapore.

“Singapore has also established policies that have helped foster a business-friendly environment. And the results are clear – it has become the leading tech and business hub in Asia.”