FairPrice is cutting prices of 50 items, and freezing the prices of 100 – here’s the full list of products, from diapers to roti prata

Shoppers at the dairy section of the NTUC FairPrice Xtra supermarket at NEX.
The Straits Times

One of Singapore’s largest supermarket chains is dropping the prices of 50 “essential” products under its housebrand to help Singaporeans manage costs of living.

These 50 products are part of a basket of 100 essential products that will have their prices frozen until June 30 next year, NTUC FairPrice said on Monday (March 18).

The price drops of up to 30 per cent were made to ensure that all 100 of the selected products are priced at least 20 per cent cheaper than comparable leading brands, it added.

According to the supermarket chain, all of the products sold under its housebrand are at least 10 per cent cheaper than leading brands.

The 100 selected products range from groceries and household consumables, and include groceries like rice, oil, beverages and poultry. There are also items such as batteries, snacks, toiletries and household cleansers.

“The commitment to hold prices will help cushion Singaporeans against possible price increases for everyday essentials over the next year, regardless of changes in supply and external factors,” FairPrice said in a statement.

Merdeka discount

NTUC FairPrice also said that it would be introducing a Merdeka Generation discount of three per cent on Wednesdays. This will last one year, starting from July 1.

Applicable at all FairPrice stores, the discount is only valid upon presentation of the Merdeka Generation card or valid identifications at the point of purchase.

The chain has a similar discount for Pioneer Generation card holders which was last extended in December 2018, with June 30, 2019 as its end date.

The retail giant runs over 200 outlets across Singapore, including FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Shop, FairPrice Finest, FairPrice Xtra and Unity Pharmacies. It also runs 160 FairPrice Xpressand Cheers convenience stores.

Here are all the items that will have their prices frozen until June 30 next year.

  1. FairPrice Onwards Baby Diapers L 60s
  2. FairPrice Onwards Baby Diapers S 80s
  3. FairPrice Onwards Baby Diapers M 70s
  4. FairPrice Onwards Baby Diapers Xl 56s
  5. FairPrice Baby Wipes Tissue Travel Pack 2 X 30 sheets
  6. FairPrice Adult Diaper Pants L 10s
  7. FairPrice Adult Diaper Pants M 10s
  8. FairPrice Plain Flour 1kg
  9. FairPrice Corn Flour 400g
  10. FairPrice Coconut Cream 200ml
  11. FairPrice Alkaline Batteries AA 20s
  12. FairPrice Cream Cracker 10s 220g
  13. FairPrice Lemon Biscuits 200g
  14. FairPrice Marie Biscuits 350g
  15. FairPrice Nonya Kaya 250g
  16. FairPrice Enriched White Bread+25% 400g
  17. FairPrice Wholemeal Bread+80g 420g
  18. FairPrice Longan In Syrup 565g
  19. FairPrice Pork Luncheon Meat 340g
  20. FairPrice Sardine In Tomato Sauce 155g
  21. FairPrice Tuna Flakes In Water 185g
  22. FairPrice Fried Dace And Salted Black Beans 184g
  23. FairPrice Baked Beans In Tomato Sauce 420g
  24. FairPrice Pickled Lettuce 190g
  25. FairPrice Lo Han Chai 283g
  26. FairPrice Mock Abalone 283g
  27. FairPrice Instant Cereal Vanilla 20s 30g
  28. FairPrice Rolled Oats 1kg
  29. FairPrice Cereal Mini Packs 8s 200g
  30. FairPrice 3 In 1coffeemix Less Sugar 15g 30s
  31. FairPrice 2 In 1 Kopi O 30s
  32. FairPrice Condensed Milk 385g
  33. FairPrice Evaporated Filled Milk 385g
  34. FairPrice Light Soy Sauce 660ml
  35. FairPrice Fine Salt 500g
  36. FairPrice Dark Soy Sauce 660ml
  37. FairPrice Chilli Sauce 320g
  38. Fairprice Asian Mix Chicken Curry 200g
  39. FairPrice Oyster Sauce 430ml
  40. FairPrice Tomato Ketchup 320g
  41. FairPrice Ground Black Pepper 50g
  42. FairPrice Ground White Pepper 50g
  43. FairPrice Juice Cordial Orange 2L
  44. FairPrice Cheese Slices 12s 250g
  45. FairPrice Margarine 250g
  46. FairPrice Butter 250g
  47. FairPrice Breakfast Ham 200g
  48. FairPrice Swif Dishwashing Paste Lemon 400g
  49. FairPrice Dishwashing Liquid Lemon Refill Pack 600ml
  50. Pasar Raw Peanuts 300g
  51. Pasar Red Dates 100g
  52. Pasar Bean Stick China 100g
  53. Pasar Dried Prawn 100g
  54. Pasar Dried Split Fish 100g
  55. Ocean Fresh Delite Iqf Sutchi Fillet 500g
  56. Chef Delights Frozen 3 Joint Wing 2kg
  57. FairPrice Chicken Franks 10s 340g
  58. FairPrice Mixed Vegetable 400g
  59. FairPrice Chicken Nuggets 850g
  60. FairPrice Crab Stick 250g
  61. FairPrice Mantou Plain 270g
  62. FairPrice Roti Prata 6s 480g
  63. FairPrice 3s Cotton Bud (Zippbag) 100s
  64. FairPrice Facial Cotton+40% 3s 120s
  65. FairPrice Floor Cleaner 2L
  66. FairPrice Antiseptic Germicide 750ml
  67. FairPrice Anti-Bacterial Toilet Cleaner Twin Pack Lemon 500ml
  68. FairPrice Bleach 1L
  69. FairPrice Detergent Powder 1.2kg
  70. FairPrice Liquid Detergent Refill Pack Anti-Bacterial 1.8L
  71. FairPrice Instant Skim Mlk Powder 600g
  72. FairPrice Gold Growing Up Formula Stage 3 900g
  73. FairPrice Gold Junior Formula Stage 4 900g
  74. FairPrice Gold Growing Up Formula Sachet Stage 3 153g
  75. FairPrice Toothbrush (2s+1i Free) Medium 1s
  76. FairPrice Junior Toothbrush Soft 1s
  77. FairPrice Chicken Flavour Instant Noodles 5s 350g
  78. FairPrice Mee Suah 300g
  79. FairPrice Rice Vermicelli 400g
  80. FairPrice Spaghetti Pasta 500g
  81. FairPrice Elbow Macaroni 500g
  82. FairPrice Mixed Nuts 150g
  83. FairPrice Vegetable Oil 1L
  84. FairPrice Sunflower Oil 1L
  85. FairPrice Full Cream Uht Milk 1L
  86. FairPrice Low Fat Uht Milk 1L
  87. FairPrice Kitchen Towel 9inch 2roll 1s
  88. FairPrice Soft Pack Facial Tissue 2ply 4pack 200s
  89. FairPrice Gold 3ply Deluxe Soft Bathroom Tissue 10s
  90. Homeproud Cling Wrap 240 Sq.Ft 1s
  91. FairPrice Chicken Ball 200g
  92. FairPrice Chinese Tofu 300g
  93. FairPrice Silken Tofu 300g
  94. FairPrice Tau Kwa 2s 400g
  95. FairPrice Golden Royal Dragon White Fragrant Rice 2.5kg
  96. FairPrice Jasmine Fragrant Rice 10+1kg
  97. FairPrice Potato Chip Original 75g
  98. Fairprice Moisturising Handsoap Refill Violet/Jasmine 500ml
  99. FairPrice Coarse Sugar 1kg
  100. FairPrice Pure Drinking Water 1.5L