Fast-food fails from McDonald’s, Chipotle, Domino’s, and more


Thanks to social media, consumers have more power than ever before.

When restaurants mess up, customers are quick to criticize over social media.

We found some hilarious fast-food fails at brands ranging from McDonald’s to Domino’s.

From Big Macs that are slightly off, to Taco Bell’s newest menu item, here are some of the biggest fails.

Not even Chipotle is safe.

This McDonald’s grilled chicken deluxe is looking extra crispy.

You had one job @mcdonalds haha one job!! #fastfoodfails

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This Taco Bell quesadilla is not cut into pieces.

Good job Taco Bell #tacobell #fastfoodfails

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This is supposed to be a breakfast burrito from McDonald’s — but it seems weirdly empty.

A customer was unimpressed with Dairy Queen’s effort to make a Spiderman cake.

While rolling a burrito does take skill, this one is an ultimate Chipotle fail.

This burger looks nothing like McDonald’s advertisement.

Wtf do you call this??? #nothinglikethepicture #wtfisthis #fastfoodfails

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Burger King missed the cup by a few inches here …

Taco Bell’s Dorito’s gordita crunch appears soggy.

A McDonald’s burger patty has been replaced by bread here.

This person is disappointed their Taco Bell’s Cap’n Crunch delights don’t look like the advertisement.

Well damn ???? #tacobellfail #ivebeenduped

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According to this customer, this was a Domino’s online-ordering fail. Half cheese, half nothing?

I want half cheese, half nothing said no one ever ???????? #pizzapics @dominos #fail

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This person also says they had an online-ordering fail at Chipotle.

A McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with cheese is missing the burger patties.

This customer claims they found a screw in their Wendy’s chicken sandwich.

Extra cheese on the side, courtesy of Papa John’s.

#papajohnsfail #papajohns second time in 3 days #lame

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Have you ever actually measured a Subway sandwich? This person did and apparently we might all be getting ripped off.

#rp Subway be lying to y’all lol #subwayproblems #smh #sosad #thatsandwichlooktired #jimmyjohnsisbetter #subwayfail

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The caption on this one: “Thanks Chipotle, I love eating labels.”

Taco Bell was too quick with this one. The quesadilla wasn’t done cooking yet!

Thanks taco bell #tacobellfail

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Apparently it can’t always look like the advertisement. Another Taco Bell fail.

Taco Bell, you have failed me!!!! #tacobellfail

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Although there are three ways to spell Hanukkah, Dairy Queen might want to check the spelling on this one.