Fines for parking illegally at HDB carparks will increase by up to 40% from July 1

The Straits Times

Drivers and motorcyclists be warned: Parking illegally is going to cost you more next month.

We’ve all been there. It’s dinner time, you’re running late, and there are no available lots to park your car in. And as time goes by, that empty space usually reserved for season pass-holders becomes increasingly tempting.

To deter such indiscriminate and inconsiderate parking at HDB carparks, the Housing Board and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) are increasing penalties by as much as 40 per cent starting from July 1.

In a joint statement released on Monday (June 24), the authorities said that the last review of parking fines was carried out close to three decades ago in 1991.

The recent changes will mean higher fines for three broad categories of offences: illegal parking offences, coupon and digital parking offences as well as payment evasion at carparks with electronic parking systems (EPS).

Illegal parking – 40% higher for cars and motorcyclists

Parking a car in motorcycle lots for a short while may seem like a trivial matter, but things may be a lot more serious that you think. In their announcement, the authorities said that besides causing obstruction and inconvenience to other users, indiscriminate parking could also endanger the safety of others.

From 2016 to 2018, an average of about 260,800 notices were issued each year for illegal parking, the authorities said. These include cases where the motorists had parked their cars in motorcycle or heavy vehicle parking lots, as well as non-season ticket holders who had parked their vehicles at season parking lots.

From July 1, the fines for illegal parking will increase from S$50 to S$70 for cars, and from S$25 to S$35 for motorcycles. This represents a 40 per cent increase for both vehicle types.

Heavy vehicles will also be fined S$100, up from the current S$80.

Coupon and digital parking offences

According to URA and HDB, from 2016 to 2018, an average of about 573,000 notices were issued each year to motorists who either did not pay the parking charges or had paid an insufficient amount at coupon parking car parks.

From July, the fine for parking without a valid coupon and no digital parking session will be increased from S$30 to S$40 for cars and from S$40 to S$50 for heavy vehicles.

For exceeding the paid parking session, fines for cars will be increased from the current range of $6 to $20 to S$8 to S$24.

It will also be increased from the range of S$12 to S$40 to the range of S$16 to S$48 for heavy vehicles.

Payment evasion at EPS carparks

Tailgating to evade fares at electronic gantries in carparks will also carry stiffer fines.

The authorities said that about 4,400 such notices have been issued every year to motorists.

The fines for fare evasion at EPS carparks will be increased from S$25 to S$35 for motorcycles, from S$50 to S$70 for cars and from S$80 to S$100 for heavy vehicles.

And if you think you’ll never get caught, know this: members of the public can report parking offences through a hotline at 1800 338 6622.

So if you don’t want to be slapped with a S$70 fine just for avoiding a $1.20 parking fee, do the right thing and pay for your carpark bill.

As the HDB and URA aptly put it: “The fine revision will only affect errant motorists, and will not impact those who abide by parking rules.”

Here’s the full list of revised parking fines taking effect from July 1

*HVs refer to heavy vehicles. M/Cs refer to motorcycles.