First Gong Cha, now Llaollao and the Quarter Pounder have been quietly replaced in Singapore

Say goodbye: Llaollao and the McDonald’s Quarter Pounder with Cheese have both left the Singapore food scene.
Lianhe Wanbao, McDonald’s Singapore

What’s up with Singapore’s food scene this year?

First, bubble tea enthusiasts were gobsmacked when Gong Cha was replaced by local brand LiHo in May (only to make an overwhelming comeback on Dec 1).

As if that wasn’t enough shock for food-loving Singaporeans, we’ve now been hit yet again by shocking news that popular froyo chain Llaollao has been replaced by a lesser-known brand of froyo desserts called Yole (pronounced “yo-lay”).

That’s not all. On Wednesday (Dec 6), McDonald’s fans in Singapore were also told that one of their all-time favourite menu items – the Quarter Pounder with Cheese – has left the scene permanently.

In its place is an entirely new menu item called The Original Angus, which will be a permanent item sold at all McDonald’s outlets.

The Original Angus
McDonald’s Singapore

This new burger is part of the fast food chain’s Signature Collection, which features Australia and New Zealand-sourced Angus beef patties.

Except for the upgraded buns and patty, a description and photo released by McDonald’s suggests that the new burger is otherwise quite similar to the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

But that didn’t stop fans from reacting to the news with a mix of disappointment and outrage.

Several people have left comments on McDonald’s Singapore’s Facebook page asking for the Quarter Pounder with Cheese to be brought back, while many others also lambasted the chain for unsatisfactory servings of cheese on the new limited-time Cheesy Loaded Fries.

But the award for shocker of the day still goes to the sudden discontinuation of Llaollao.

A post on the brand’s official Facebook page states that at least 10 of 29 Llaollao outlets have already been re-launched as Yole.

In case you forgot, Spanish brand Llaollao attracted huge crowds and long queues when it first launched in Singapore in 2014. As expected, many of the dessert chain’s fans were shell-shocked to learn that their go-to froyo would no longer be available in Singapore.

According to a report in Channel NewsAsia, Yole is an European frozen yogurt chain which sells froyo as well as coconut soft-serve ice-cream. But other than that, there has been little information released about the brand.

A check online reveals little about the Yole brand, except that it currently has four stores in Taiwan.

D+1 Holding, which operates the chain, was quoted as saying that the new brand has a wider menu compared to Llaollao, and will introduce new frozen yogurt flavours on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

How Singapore’s Llaollao fans will take to the new brand remains to be seen, but there’s one thing that’s certainly on everyone’s minds – why so sudden?

Business Insider has reached out to D+1 Holding for comment.