Foodpanda study reveals boom in university food delivery – here’s what students love to order

The Straits Times

Life away from home is tough. Students are expected to juggle never-ending piles of readings, go to lectures and tutorials on time and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

All while keeping their sanity intact.

But living in the era of technology means our lives these days can be made easier at the touch of a button, and food delivery is becoming more of a norm especially when exams are barreling your way and every minute of hitting those books count.

So what’s the most popular cuisine being ordered most frequently by students all around Asia?

The answer is Chinese, according to a study conducted by food delivery service company Foodpanda, which analysed the eating habits of university students from eight countries and 17 campuses around Asia.

Supplied/ Foodpanda

The study found that Chinese food made up 24% of total orders, which is even more poignant if you consider the fact that every fourth order (25%) in Hong Kong’s Polytechnic University is a Chinese dish.

The second and third most ordered cuisines are Italian (18%) and Thai (12%), followed by Korean (6%) and Indian (5%).

But when it comes to when and what time students tend to order food, the general prime time for lunch is 11am and 12pm, while dinner is between 6 and 8pm.

Supplied/ Foodpanda

No surprises there, and even more so with their weekend patterns.

That is of course, when students are feeling the laziest, with most choosing to order in on Saturdays to free up their time to unwind (or catch up on work) instead.

And what of the nightmare that’s known as the exam period? When students are huddling by their textbooks and praying fervently to the bell curve god?

Supplied/ Foodpanda

Even when crunch time hits, a person needs to fuel up to get going, and it seems Asian/Chinese food is the most common choice of fuel to help students get through the stress.

Of the 25% of Chinese food orders, 23% came from Singaporeans, 23% from Hong Kongers and 16% from Malaysians.

As for the rest of the world, students from Karachi, Dhaka and Manila stuck to fast food as their choice of fix with 56%, 55% and 43% ordering it respectively, while Thais opted for their national Thai dishes which comprised 17% of total orders.