For Father’s Day, Nasty Cookie founder wants to thank her dad for ‘his stubbornness’

Regine Sum, owner of Nasty Cookie, says she learned from her dad’s creativity and stubborn determination.
Photo courtesy of Regine Sum, Instagram/Nasty Cookie

It’s not often you find a 22-year-old with her own successful business, but Regine Sum was never one to lead a cookie-cutter life – and it’s all thanks to her dad.

Sum, who owns cookie business Nasty Cookie, started out as a fresh graduate trying to make her mark in the bodybuilding world. But to do so, she required funds. So, she turned to selling cookies online.

It’s not just any cookie the fitness enthusiast sells though. From the start, Sum knew she had to stand out from the crowd by making her product unique – a survival instinct she learned from her businessman father.

Seeing how creativity has helped her father in his career, Sum was inspired to “spoil market” and bring her cookies to the next level. So instead of the ordinary chocolate chip variety, she loaded her treats with chunks of biscuits, chocolate and candy. The “nasty-looking” cookies were a hit on Instagram, and she found herself with an official online store in a span of just a few weeks.

Sum, who is about to open her first offline outlet at the new Funan mall at the end of this month, says her nose for business comes from observing the way her dad grew his own company.

David Sum, 55, who is in the office supplies business, had no formal education after dropping out of primary school. Forced to work odd jobs from a young age to support his family, he never had a chance to pick up the English language. But that didn’t stop him from starting his own business.

According to Regine, two of her dad’s most admirable qualities are the ability to think out of the box and having the courage to take risks. “He is not tech savvy and uneducated, but very street smart,” she told Business Insider in an interview.

He later learned how to converse in English from her mother, she said.

Thanks to the example he set, the younger Sum was motivated to build up every single part of her business from scratch – all by herself.

“What I want to thank him for is his stubbornness,” she said, explaining that her dad’s unwavering determination has shown her the importance of following one’s gut to do what feels right.

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