Foreigners will no longer need to have their passports stamped when departing Singapore

This was implemented to to further streamline the departure process.
Singapore Press Holdings

The immigration process for foreign travellers leaving Singapore is going to become a whole lot faster.

In a statement released on Wednesday (April 17), the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) announced that departure stamps will no longer be issued to foreigners leaving Singapore from April 22 onwards.

Since September 2016, foreign travellers who have their thumbprint enrolled into the BioScreen system upon arrival into Singapore are eligible to use the automated immigration clearance lanes during departure.

The BioScreen fingerprinting system allows ICA to verify the identity of travellers without checking their passports.

Travellers who use automated lanes will not be issued any departure immigration endorsements.

In order to further streamline the departure process, all foreign travellers leaving Singapore through manned immigration counters will also no longer have departure dates stamped in their passports.

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