Forget YOLO, Singaporeans’ holidays are now all about the ‘Gram

  • One in three Singaporeans take to social media when compiling their bucket lists
  • Top bucket list activities include getting a mountain top snap (31%) or a waterfall selfie (30%)
  • The Ritz in Paris is the top Instagram-worthy accommodation pick (43%)

Gone are the days when holidays were defined by risk-taking and living by the “YOLO” mantra.

Today, holidays are all about the ‘Gram, at least when it comes to the travel habits of Singaporeans.

A recent study by online accommodation booking website revealed that Singaporeans look for holidays to places that will give bragging rights on social media sites.

After all, if you didn’t post about it on social media, it didn’t really happen right?

The study surveyed 6,788 respondents across 28 countries, with 300 respondents from Singapore, and it showed that one in three Singaporeans take to Facebook and Instagram when compiling their bucket lists.

And what do they primarily look for?  Singaporeans look for photos posted by social media influencers (11%), Instagram photos from friends’ feeds (9%), and Facebook posts from friends (5%).

Of these bucket lists, more than a quarter (31%) included getting a mountain top snap or a waterfall selfie (30%).

Topping the list of perfect picturesque moments was seeing the Northern Lights (44%).

Following not far behind was touring the Grand Canyon in a helicopter (39%), climbing the Eiffel Tower (39%), visiting the Statue of Liberty (37%) and touching the Niagara Falls (36%).

But it doesn’t just stop with the holiday adventure, as accommodation is also important.

Singaporean travellers dream of staying in a castle (34%), an underwater hotel (40%) and even a palace (34%).

But leading the pack is The Ritz (43%) in Paris, that boasts luxurious hotel rooms – that certainly provide for jealousy-inducing pictures.

The Ritz, Paris, France

In a statement, Ms Jessica Chuang,’s regional marketing director for Greater China, Southeast Asia and India said: “Social sharing sites such as Instagram now play a vital part in the traveller’s search for travel inspiration, and are key tools in seeking validation from peers”.