Four ways to get hired at Hubspot – one of the world’s best places to work – even if you’re a fresh graduate

Hubspot’s managing director for APAC, Shahid Nizami, in the company’s new Singapore office.
Business Insider/Rachel Genevieve Chia

With insane perks like unlimited free books, paid monthly sabbaticals, and even regular employee polls on what snacks to stock in the pantry, Hubspot’s scored big on various “World’s Best Place To Work” lists in recent years.

Now, the marketing software developer’s new office in Singapore is looking to hire over 100 new staff members. We asked managing director Shahid Nizami (an ex-Googler!) to share tips that everyone, even fresh graduates, can use to ace the interview.

  1. Read the Hubspot culture code and think of ways to showcase these values in interview answers. 

Hubspot values humility, empathy, adaptability, remarkable achievements, and transparency. And the company is very firm that every hire should be a good cultural fit.

“We won’t ask you outright: How are you humble? How are you empathetic? But we will ask you to tell us about times when you failed, and what you learnt,” says Shahid. “From that story, we’ll get to know your values.”

He adds: “You should have stories about yourself, and how you apply Hubspot’s culture code in your day-to-day life.”

  1. Get Inbound certified.

Shahid did this himself when preparing for his own Hubspot interview, and says getting the certification is a good way to prepare for interview questions.

“If you can get Inbound certified, you can look at the methodology involved,” he says. “From that, you can also tell if you’d enjoy doing this job or not.”

  1. Highlight any passion and experience with serving customers.

At Hubspot, the customer comes first. A desire to solve customer problems is valued more than a tech background: Hubspot has, in fact, hired people in customer-centric industries like travel and hospitality.

“If you’re someone who’s passionate about solving problems for customers, that’s a big plus,” says Shahid. “We want someone who can do the role, but at the same time they must want to solve customer problems.”

  1. Suggest how Hubspot can improve the way it works

“We don’t want people to say, ‘Everything about Hubspot is awesome,’” Shahid cautions. Instead, interviewees who read up about the company’s market moves and can suggest improvements or new approaches to aspects of doing business will stand out.

“How can we do more? How can we do better? We want people who have a point of view,” he adds. “We like people who challenge our way of thinking.”