35 unique Mother’s Day gifts new moms will undoubtedly appreciate

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Smart home devices like the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini (pictured, $49) further streamline tasks for the queen of multi-tasking in your life.

Smart home devices like the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini (pictured, $49) further streamline tasks for the queen of multi-tasking in your life.

Becoming a mother is exhilarating – in a strange way that wraps joy, fear, and a flurry of many other emotions all into one confused jumble. When gifting a new mother, consider that she’s going through a lot right now as she navigates her new role.

Her first Mother’s Day is a time for celebration, but it’s also an opportunity to help her relax, indulge, and make her job a little easier. Some of these gifts are specifically related to the baby, while others are simply geared toward a mother who has earned her “me time.” New moms are among the busiest people in our lives, and they undoubtedly deserve these gifts.

Help a new mom celebrate her first Mother’s Day with the following thoughtful gifts.

A five-year journal


Gift the Q&A a Day for Moms: A 5-Year Journal, $11.52

Answer a different question in a few words every day. When the next year rolls around, answer the question again. She’ll be amazed at how much has (or hasn’t) changed.

A personalized T-shirt

Known Supply/Instagram

Gift a personalized Fitted Crew at Known Supply, $28 + $10 monogram

A small, personal touch, like her name or nickname embroidered on a comfortable Pima cotton basic tee, is all that’s needed to make her smile.

A selection of soft, high-quality baby clothing basics


Gift a Primary gift card, $25-$250

Shopping for baby clothing is a lot less stressful at Primary, which was founded by two moms. The adorable, colorful, and gender-neutral styles are classic and made from safe, soft fabrics. Even as her baby grows, she can continue shopping at Primary because it offers sizes up through age 12.

Merino-wool sneakers


Gift Allbirds Wool Runners, $95

Gift Smallbirds Wool Runners, $55

When you’re on your feet all day, a pair of good shoes makes all the difference. Allbirds wool runners won’t fail her – they’re soft, comfortable, and machine washable. You can’t go wrong with the originals but the new Tree line is similarly light and comfortable. While you’re at it, get the Smallbirds version since their kid will be up and running in no time.

The best socks she’s never tried


Gift a Bombas Mother’s Day Gift Box, from $45.60

They may just seem like a basic, everyday accessory, but socks are among the most underrated gifts you can give. Bombas spent two years perfecting their gym socks, and we think they got it right. With thoughtful innovations, like a blister tab and performance cushioned footbeds, her feet will notice the difference., Bombas also donates a pair to a homeless shelter for every pair purchased.

A soothing weighted blanket


Gift the YnM Weighted Blanket, $99.90

Weighted blankets use the same type of deep-touch therapy that creates the comfort experienced by swaddling babies, letting Mom sleep as well as her baby at night. This popular blanket has been shown to calm anxiety and stress and can result in deeper, more relaxing sleep.

Adorable leather baby moccasins

Freshly Picked/Instagram

Gift Freshly Picked baby moccasins, from $48

These 100% genuine cowhide leather moccasins have a soft sole to help children who are starting to walk. They’re easy to put on, will actually stay on your kid’s feet, and come in many stylish prints and colors.

A luxurious bathrobe


Gift the Snowe Bathrobe, $98

Deemed the best and most absorbent terry robe on the market, Snowe’s bathrobe is super comfortable and fluffy. It’s perfect for a mom looking for moments of relaxation during an otherwise hectic day.

A low-maintenance succulent garden

Lula’s Garden

Gift the Lula’s Garden Jewel Garden, $35

For a dash of greenery without the difficult maintenance, these succulents do just the trick. They come in a planter gift box that’s ready to display anywhere, and also come with a wooden stick and plastic dropper to care for them.

If you’d prefer to go the traditional, flower-bouquet route, we suggest checking out The Bouqs Co. and UrbanStems.

A comfortable and stylish maternity bralette


Gift the LIVELY Mesh Trim Maternity Bralette, $35

This bralette from the brand that’s giving Victoria’s Secret a run for its money (and was in fact founded by a former senior merchant at VS) is pretty, soft, and functional, with drop-down cups to allow easy feeding and strong straps for extra support.

A necklace that subtly hints at the unbreakable bond between mother and child


Gift the AUrate 14-Karat Connection Necklace, $380

This beautiful necklace, available in yellow, white, or rose gold, manages to be simultaneously elegant and bold. The company has ideals she’ll support, too: Its ethical solid gold is sourced from conflict-free suppliers and it donates a book to a child in need with each purchase.

An on-the-go makeup kit

Stowaway Cosmetics

Gift the Stowaway Cosmetics Look Effortless Running Errands Set, $29

Looking effortless while running errands sounds like an impossible feat, but it’s actually achievable with Stowaway’s travel-friendly makeup essentials. This set includes a mascara, cheek rouge, cream lipstick, and makeup pouch.

Crib sheets from an Internet-famous bedding startup


Gift the Brooklinen Mini Crib Sheet Set, $32

Adults love Brooklinen sheets, and now her baby can enjoy the soft and comfortable experience, too. If she doesn’t yet have a set herself, include a gift that would help her sleep as well.

A beauty subscription box with full-sized products, not tiny samples


Gift a FabFitFun certificate or gift card, $25-$300

Beauty and wellness samples are always fun to try, but when you’re a new mom, you simply don’t have the time to experiment back and forth or deal with the inconvenience of samples that run out. For $49.99 each season, FabFitFun members get a box filled with eight to ten full-sized, premium products across beauty, fitness, wellness, and home categories.

A long-distance touch lamp


Buy a set of two Filimin Long-Distance Touch Lamps, $170

A new mom’s life is busy and tiring, so she might not always be available to talk and catch up. When you want to let her know you’re thinking of her and vice versa without actually saying anything, just tap the lamp to make the other one light up.

A modern baby book

Artifact Uprising

Gift the Artifact Uprising Baby Book: The Story of You, from $120

With a sturdy fabric bound cover (available in four color/foil pairings), this interactive journal is a beautiful way to focus on the everyday moments rather than typical milestones of a baby’s life. The book includes 100 pages and a complimentary set of Everyday Prints.

A smart home device

Smart home devices like the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini (pictured, $49) further streamline tasks for the queen of multi-tasking in your life.


Gift the Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen), $29.99

Gift the Google Home Mini, $29

Hands-free music streaming, news and weather reports, phone calls, and messages are the way to go. Smart home devices like the Echo Dot and Google Home Mini further streamline tasks for the queen of multi-tasking in your life.

A versatile solution to a diaper bag


Gift the ToteSavvy, from $40 (available from other sellers)

This water-resistant tote insert has an insulated bottle pocket, key clasp, changing mat, cell phone pocket, and flat pocket for paperwork, allowing moms to convert their usual handbag into a diaper bag, with little fuss. Even once she stops using it as a diaper bag, it’s still useful.

A funny coloring book about the realities of motherhood


Gift Mom Life: A Snarky Adult Coloring Book, $8.48

Any mom knows that motherhood is not all rainbows and sunshine. This hilariously relatable coloring book is filled with illustrations that are not only relaxing but also entertaining to color.

A trusted service to find a good babysitter


Gift a UrbanSitter gift card, $25-$200

At some point, Mom will desperately need a night to herself but might have trouble finding a sitter. Nationwide service UrbanSitter is home to over 150,000 trusted babysitters and gathers mutual connections and recommendations from their community of fellow parents. A $34.95 one-month access pass (or $99.95 annual membership) allows parents to browse, interview, and book a sitter that meets their needs.

New, top-quality cookware she’ll use over and over again

Made In

Gift the Starter Kit, $249

The bundle from one of our favorite kitchen startups contains three stainless steel cookware essentials, a frying pan, sauce pan, and stock pot. Expect top quality heat distribution and easy cleanup.

Dinner on the table in under an hour


Gift a Plated gift card, from $55.75

Meal kit delivery service Plated offers many different ways to design your box of meals: the number of serving sizes, which meals to eat, and when and how often they’re delivered. Twenty delicious dinner options and two dessert options ensure she’s never bored with the flavors and cuisines.

A women’s multivitamin subscription


Gift a one-month supply of Ritual vitamins, $30

The founder of Ritual was herself pregnant when she started the company and formulated this multivitamin containing the nine nutrients women aren’t getting enough of through their diets. These transparently sourced vitamins will keep Mom healthy and glowing as she navigates new motherhood.

A fitness app that lets her listen in on professional workout classes


Gift an annual membership to Aaptiv, $99.99

Flexibility is paramount for busy moms, but in-person workout classes don’t offer that, and are often expensive. Aaptiv is an audio fitness app that gives unlimited access to thousands of audio-based fitness classes led by certified professional trainers so she can sweat it out on her own time.

Smart leggings that act as a personal yoga instructor

Wearable X

Gift the NADI X Yoga Pants, $250

These Bluetooth-enabled smart yoga leggings have tiny haptic multi-node sensors embedded in the nylon layers in the hip, knee, and ankle. They vibrate when a pose is not in alignment, ensuring that avid yogis always have good form.

A blazer that adapts to her every move


Gift the Athleta Cosmic Blazer, $198

Athleta’s Commute/Work collection blends the sleek silhouettes of workwear with the stretchy, wrinkle-resistant fabrics of fitness apparel in a marriage that’s optimal for every mother’s constantly changing schedule. Throw on this performance blazer (complete with hidden pockets) and she’ll instantly look and feel more put-together.

Stress relief in portable balm form


Gift the Scentered Aromatherapy Balm Sticks Gift Set, $80

Scentered’s balm sticks come in five functions – Focus, Sleep Well, Love, Escape, and De-Stress – and help her relax wherever she is. Each non-greasy balm contains up to 25 essential oils and is formulated with a blend of moringa and moisturizing shea butter.

A book that helps new moms who are going back to work


Gift “Work. Pump. Repeat.: The New Mom’s Survival Guide to Breastfeeding and Going Back to Work,” $12.25

This book gives practical tips and creative ideas about how to breastfeed as a working woman. They’re woven through the author’s personal anecdotes of working and traveling in developing countries.

A ‘floral’ arrangement to satisfy her sweet tooth


Gift the Floral 3-Piece Candy Bento Box, $26

She gets all the important types of candy types in this variety box: sweet, tart, rich, melty, and gummy. This candy “bouquet” contains indulgent But First, Rosé gummy roses, Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, and Peach Bellini gummies.

A pair of embroidered makeup towels


Gift the Weezie Makeup Towels, $40

We’ve personally discovered Weezie’s makeup towels are unexpectedly useful, and so will your recipient. These small, dark towels won’t reveal unsightly makeup stains and they come in three cute embroidered styles.

A luxe shower cap


Gift the Shhhowercap, $43

Trust us, a shower cap isn’t a strange gift – not when it’s the stylish and fitted Shhhowercap made from premium nanotech fabric. She probably never puts much thought into this bath and hair accessory, but all she will know is that she won’t be able to go back to regular, cheap ones.

A nightlight that will help her baby — and in turn, her — sleep well


Gift the Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine, Night Light and Time-to-Rise, $59.99

Rest is a nightlight, sound machine, and wake-up alert that grows with children – from soft light and white noise for midnight newborn-feeding sessions to a preschooler’s nightlight. Parents can customize everything – color, brightness, sound, and volume level – or they can choose from presets recommended by sleep experts.

A reusable smart notebook


Gift the Rocketbook Everlast Reusable Smart Notebook, $29.97

Handwritten notes can help keep her organized and manage a seemingly endless to-do list. It’s a $30 notebook, but surprisingly handy: it sends notes to the cloud and wipes clean with a damp cloth.

Bubble bath made from plant-based ingredients


Gift the Hello Bello Bubble Bath, $5.98

Hello Bello, the new baby line from Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard, prides itself on making premium, plant-based products like body wash, baby lotion, wipes, and this bubble bath. The gentle formula is safe even on sensitive skin, so both mom and baby can enjoy a nourishing but playful time in the bathtub.

A pretty smart watch that will help her manage her busy schedule and digital life


Gift the Rose Gold Samsung Galaxy Watch (42mm), $249.99

Life is busier than ever for a new mother. If she’s an Android user, the best corresponding smart watch to gift is Samsung’s Galaxy Watch, which keeps her connected to and aware of everything going on in her digital life, from how many steps she walked today to the next event on her calendar. Not only powerful and versatile, boasting a long battery life, it’s also sleek and stylish.