24 thoughtful gifts for new parents celebrating their first Mother’s Day as a family

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Parachute's line of baby sheets and towels is cuter than we could have imagined. As a gift, we love this all-over hooded towel for a quick yet cozy dry time.

Parachute’s line of baby sheets and towels is cuter than we could have imagined. As a gift, we love this all-over hooded towel for a quick yet cozy dry time.

Gifts for new parents tend to be a little different than the ones you get for the baby shower. They’re a bit less necessary, erring more on the side of fun and cute – which are the best kinds of gifts to give, if you ask us!

Though you can never go wrong with the gift of diapers (and yes, we included those in this list), it’s a lot more satisfying to give a gift you know they’ll cherish for years to come – and we’ve got plenty of those, too.

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A matching pair of sneakers from their favorite startup


Allbirds Smallbirds, available at Allbirds, $55

No, we’re not lying… popular shoe startup Allbirds really calls their baby shoes “Smallbirds” and it’s giving us cuteness overload. They come is sizes 5T to 10T.

A pillow spray to help them get a good night’s sleep


ThisWorks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, available on Amazon, $23.95

When new parents finally get a chance to catch up on some rest, they’ll love having a little something to help them fall into a deeper and more relaxed sleep. A lovely blend of lavender, chamomile, and vetivert gives this pillow spray its relaxing scent. One of our reporters swears by it for a better night’s sleep.

A home cleaning service they can schedule through Amazon


Amazon Home Cleaning Services, available on Amazon, from $20 per hour

You’ll definitely want to coordinate with them beforehand, but there’s nothing a new parent needs more than a chance to relax while someone else cleans their house. Though prices and availability vary by area, you should be able to book a cleaning professional to do any type of service around the home (including a deep clean) at around $20 per hour.

A gift card for a babysitting service


Urbansitter Gift Card, from $25

Give the gift of a night off with an UrbanSitter gift card. They can sift through over 150,000 trusted babysitters, read reviews, and see mutual connections to make a decision they’re comfortable with. A $34.95 per-month pass (or an $99.95 annual membership) allows parents to browse, interview, and book a sitter that meets their needs.

A keepsake calendar filled with sweet photos

Artifact Uprising

Artifact Uprising Wood Calendar, available at Artifact Uprising, $25

Surely they’ve posted or sent you enough photos to fill a 12-month calendar with sweet pictures of their baby. Turn those images into a real keepsake they’ll use all year with this practical photo calendar.

A cozy and flexible baby sling


Baby K’tan Original Carrier, available on Amazon, $49.95

This sling makes hands-free carrying comfy for both baby and parent. It’s a gift one of Business Insider’s own gives to new moms after having used it with her kids from the time they were born until they were toddlers.

Crib sheets in cute prints


Brooklittles Crib Sheets, available at Brooklinen, from $32

The internet’s favorite adult bedding startup recently launched a line of sheets for little ones. They feature fun patterns and prints that evoke the same playful spirit as the rest of Brooklinen’s options, and make for the perfect actually useful gift.

A custom birth announcement they’ll cherish forever

Uncommon Goods

Coat of Arms Personalized Birth Announcement, available at Uncommon Goods, $120

You can’t go wrong with a custom piece of artwork that honors both parents and baby. It even comes framed so it’s ready to give as a gift they’ll cherish (and probably hang in the nursery).

An Amazon Prime membership so they can order supplies

Sundry Photography/Shutterstock

Amazon Prime gift subscription, three months, $39

A membership to Prime opens up a whole world of convenience for new parents who would otherwise be completely overwhelmed by all those extra trips to Target and CVS. They can order whatever they need for the baby or themselves and have it delivered in two days (sometimes less) without having to leave the house.

You can also gift a full year for $119. If they already have a Prime membership, they’ll be able to convert your gift to credit so they can spend the money on anything they need.

A cute pair of moccasins

Freshly Picked Instagram

Freshly Picked Baby Moccasins, available at Freshly Picked, from $22.50

Available in a huge selection of fun prints and vibrant colors, these adorable baby moccasins will definitely make an appearance on their Instagram. It may not be the most practical clothing gift you could give them, but it’ll definitely be the cutest.

A portable gadget for fussy sleepers


Baby Shusher Sleep Miracle, available on Amazon, $34.99

Whether they’re in the car, at home, or even out in public, a portable Baby Shusher (aka white noise machine) will help fussy babies fall asleep wherever they are.

A funny bib they’ll get a kick out of

Uncommon Goods

Blank Canvas Bib, available at Uncommon Goods, $18

They’ve probably already received plenty of basic bibs from their registry or shower, but you might as well take the holidays as a chance to get them a fun one instead. Just be sure to have them send you photos of the baby’s first masterpiece.

A swaddling blanket that transforms their baby into a burrito

Uncommon Goods

Tortilla Baby, available at Uncommon Goods, $48

Your eyes might be deceiving you – this is not, in fact, a baby wrapped in a real tortilla. It’s a swaddling blanket that’ll make their little bundle of joy look like a delicious and snuggable burrito.

A portable lounger that babies can’t easily roll out of


DockATot Deluxe Lounger, available on Amazon, $195

Though it’s a little pricey, new parents love this lounger that keeps babies feeling like they’re being swaddled and comforted without the need for an actual swaddling blanket. It’s also great for keeping them secure on the couch or bed so parents can have their hands free.

A parent friend also recommended this $30 Boppy pillow as a less expensive (and slightly more relaxed) alternative.

A custom storybook pillow

Uncommon Goods

Personalized Storybook Pillow, available at Uncommon Goods, $120

Not only can you customize the pillow with everything from the parents’ names to the baby’s skin color, you can also add your own “book review” to the back where you can share your excitement. This is truly a gift they’ll never forget.

An essential supply they can never get enough of


Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers, available on Amazon, from $46.70

It’s not the most fun thing on the list, but it is the most important. Any time you’re going to give a fun gift to new parents, consider also gifting some diapers along with it. They’ll only appreciate the exciting gift more now that they don’t have to worry about who’s going to do the next run for diapers.

A hilarious pacifier

Uncommon Goods

Mustachifier, available at buybuyBaby, $10

It doesn’t matter the baby’s gender – these silly pacifiers will give everyone a big giggle!

A meal kit delivery service so they can cook for themselves

Blue Apron

Blue Apron Subscription Gift Card, from $60

Busy new parents don’t often have the time to cook well for themselves. Blue Apron delivers pre-portioned ingredients right to their door with recipes for three easy-to-cook meals they can make at home. $60 will get them one week of meal kits, and you can gift in increments of $60 for additional boxes.

If you’re not sure which service to order from, check out our guide to the best meal kit delivery services, which includes options for special diets.

A cleverly designed towel that quickly dries and comforts babies


Parachute Hooded Baby Towel, available at Parachute, $29

Parachute’s new line of baby sheets and towels is cuter than we could have imagined. As a gift, we love this all-over hooded towel for a quick yet cozy dry time.

An interactive play mat


Fisher-Price First Steps Kick ‘n Play Piano Gym, available on Amazon, $69.99

Though the sounds may drive the parents crazy, baby won’t be able to get enough of this interactive mat.

A portable way to secure babies to their seats

Uncommon Goods

Portachair Harness, available at Uncommon Goods, $49.50

It won’t elevate baby like a high chair, but this portable harness will prevent slipping and sliding off of restaurant seats.

Note: currently unavailable

A pregnancy journal to track progress and memories

Uncommon Goods

“Expecting You: A Keepsake Pregnancy Journal”, available at Uncommon Goods, $12.95

If the new parents your gifting have just announced that they’re expecting and don’t yet have a baby to spoil, this journal is a perfect gift to help mom keep track of her experiences, emotions, and changes throughout her pregnancy.

A pacifier that won’t keep falling to the ground


WubbaNub Baby Cow Pacifier, available on Amazon, $18.95

A pacifier attached to a beloved stuffed animal is less likely to fall to the ground a thousand times a day. Trust us – they’ll be thanking you for this cute and clever gift.

A luxe bassinet that rocks crying babies to sleep


SNOO Smart Sleeper by Happiest Baby, available at Pottery Barn, $1,295

The SNOO is incredibly expensive – there’s no getting around it. But if you have the budget, and your friends or family members have a fussy baby who doesn’t sleep well, it might just be the greatest gift you can give them. It senses when babies are tense or squirmy and gently rocks them to sleep using motions that mimic a parent’s gentle bouncing.