Google just added a family plan for its music service just like Apple and Spotify

Flickr/Sascha Kohlmann

Google is adding a family plan pricing tier to its Google Play Music streaming service, the company announced at its event on Tuesday. Blog Android Police first reported the details on Monday.

As part of the plan, you’ll be able to enroll six family members for $14.99 per month.

Each family member will have his or her own individual account and will have access to unlimited streaming. That means family members won’t interrupt each others’ experience.

The new family plan is similar to the one Apple offers for Apple Music. But it’s a better value than Spotify, which charges you $14.99 for two family members as opposed to the six you get with Google Play Music.

It’s another sign that Google is putting more resources into its music streaming service in order to keep it competitive with Apple and Spotify. Google also announced a free tier for its music service back in June just days before Apple officially launched Apple Music.