Got flu symptoms? You can now see a doctor for S$10 at over 800 clinics, which also screen for the coronavirus

Over 800 designated clinics here with the PHPC logo (pictured) will diagnose and treat patients with a fever, cough, sore throat or runny nose for a maximum of S$10.
The Straits Times

Got the flu? Those with a fever, cough, sore throat or runny nose who want to see a doctor can now visit over 800 designated clinics here, which are equipped to investigate and treat respiratory symptoms and flag potential coronavirus cases to hospitals.

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These clinics, the majority of which are general practitioner (GP) clinics, have been activated by the Government to help detect and manage coronavirus cases. All polyclinics are included as well.

According to the Ministry of Health, these designated clinics get priority for pharmaceuticals and vaccine supplies from the national stockpile. It added that the activation of these clinics is not tied to the Dorscon level.

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The clinics will provide subsidised investigation, treatment (including flu vaccines) and medicine for respiratory symptoms. Citizens and Permanent Residents pay a total of S$10, while those from the Pioneer and Merdeka Generation pay just S$5.

Those suspected to have pneumonia, and patients who do not recover in five days, will be referred to hospitals for further tests.

You can search the full list of clinics here.

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