Book a ride, order groceries and read the news with Grab’s new ‘Super App’

Grab has revamped its app.

Grab rolled out more than just GrabFresh, its new grocery-on-demand delivery service, on Tuesday (July 10), the ride-hailing company also announced it will be giving its app a major revamp.

The aim is to turn it into a “Super App” to “transform user experience”, Grab’s head of product, Jerald Singh, said.

Grab has several platforms in different markets, and other than their flagship ride-hailing  services, they also have food delivery, e-commerce, mobile payment and more.

The revamp will combine all these aspects together into a centralised app where users will be able to access all of Grab’s services more conveniently.

Open the app and you will be greeted with an overview of the services available. Your Grab wallet can also be seen at the top of the screen. Based on your location, the look of the app will be personalised.

A new “feed” has also been introduced, with content provided by Yahoo! – based on your location or preferences, the information shown could range from the weather to places nearby.

As another example, during the period of Ramadan, users will be shown the times to break fast. Games and entertainment will also be available.

A look at the new “feed” on the revamped Grab app.

The update will be rolled out in Singapore and Indonesia starting from Tuesday for IOS devices, and on Android devices from July 18.

Other markets will be able to access it by the third quarter of the year, according to Grab.

The company also unveiled GrabPlatform, a suite of APIs that opens the app to technology partners to integrate their services with Grab. With that, partners can access components of Grab’s technology and provide new services like GrabFresh.