Grab’s durian promo is back for a third run – but this time you’ll have to pay $10 more for a box

It’s time to get smelly.

The Straits Times

Love durians but hate stinking up your car when you need to transport them home?

Then you’ll want to mark this Sunday (Aug 13) down on your calendars because ride-hailing app Grab is bringing back its durian delivery service for only one day.

This is the third year that Grab is providing the service, and this time, there will be 2,000 boxes of Mao Shan Wang up for grabs – double of last year’s supply.

However, each box will be priced at $25 – $10 more than last year’s price and $15 up from its launch price in 2015.

According to Grab, the price hike is due to a durian shortage which pushed prices up by 40% to around $38/kg for the current season.

Grab told Business Insider that each box would contain flesh from a durian that is at least 1.5kg with husk included.

Considering the size of the durian and free delivery provided, Grab added that customers would still be “getting the bang for the buck”.

Customers will only be able to pay for the durians by GrabPay, the company’s own cashless payments system.

A GrabDurian option will appear on the app on Sunday, and allow users to place their orders.

Platinum or gold rewards members can pre-order the durians from Thursday by redeeming one box on the app at 4,500 reward points. Durians pre-ordered by these members will be delivered on Saturday.

Now that’s one way to satisfy a craving.