Gurmit Singh paired up with OCBC for a very emotional video about his turbulent life

Star Gurmit Singh stars in a new collaboration with OCBC.

In a three-minute film helmed by director Royston Tan, light is shed on the life and times of popular Singaporean comedian Gurmit Singh.

Singh, known for his role in “Phua Chu Kang Pte Ltd” as the titular character, stars in the video titled “Imperfect Journeys”.

Known for his jovial and cheery personality, the video portrays Singh in a different light by showing his struggles and reactions to the past events of his life – a side that the general public has never seen.

Produced by OCBC Bank to promote its “Life Goals” programme, the video takes an emotional look at Singh’s life so far: from his relationship with his parents to his eventual rise to fame in Singapore.

Singh recently returned to the spotlight as one of the hosts for this year’s National Day Parade. He made a decision a few years ago to step away from the limelight to spend more time with his family after finding it difficult to cope with the death of his parents – an aspect of his life that the video also touches upon.

Watch the video here: