Hainan Airlines goes haute couture with designer cheongsam uniforms

Hainan Airlines’ new uniforms designed by Laurence Xu

Forget about the view. If you’re flying Hainan Airlines, there’s something else that will enthrall you throughout the flight – its the flight crew’s uniforms.

Designed by Paris-trained designer Laurence Xu, the airline’s new cheongsam uniforms wowed audiences when they were unveiled at Paris Fashion Week on July 4.


Elegant and classic, the four new uniforms feature auspicious Chinese-style motifs such as clouds, sea waves and a mythological bird known as a roc or “peng”, which is often used to symbolise lofty ambitions and a bold spirit.

A promotional video shared by the airline described the uniforms as having “Chinese charm, international style”.

One of the designs features an all-grey dress with a grey woman’s poncho resembling the Beauxbatons Academy of Magic uniforms in Harry Potter movies.

An airline spokesperson said in a statement that the Western-influenced cheongsams were given 3/4 sleeves to “denote simplicity and just the right amount of modesty, symbolic of the cabin crew’s high level of competence”.

“The apron is designed like a tulip-shaped dress to emphasize, in equal measure, elegance, femininity, aesthetics and practicality,” the statement added.

It seems like Hainan Airlines made the right choice to take fashion in the skies to all new heights by going the haute couture route.