Half of job-seekers frown upon prospective employers who take too long with the hiring process: Survey

Applying for a new job can be a harrowing and lengthy process.

First there’s the job application, then comes the long wait and likely multiple interview rounds before you even know where you stand among other prospective candidates.

At the end of it all, sometimes you’re just left in the dust feeling disappointed and defeated.

A recent survey has found that one in two job-seekers say that they develop a negative impression of the prospective employer if the hiring process takes longer than expected.

The Randstad Candidate Expectations Survey 2017 which polled 2,000 respondents in Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong in September also found that 89% of job seekers are more likely to reject an offer if the process takes more than four weeks.

In fact, an efficient hiring process meant more to job-seekers than other factors such as the company’s reputation and workplace environment.

The findings emphasise the need for organisations to develop a personalised recruitment process that prioritises the needs of job-seekers.

Mr Michael Smith, managing director for Randstad Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia said: “Job-seekers prioritise their own career development during the search process.

“As such, employers should adopt a need-based approach towards recruitment by placing the job-seekers’ career objectives and goals first.”

One-third of job-seekers point to the human touch as a priority during the recruitment as seen by these three elements they listed tops: Communication levels, degree of personal interaction and the recruiter or hiring manager.

The elements which mattered the least to them include a company’s online presence and workplace environment.

Take a look at the chart below to see what respondents said when they were asked: “Which of the following are most likely to create a negative impression of a prospective employer during your job search?”