Haven’t booked a year-end trip yet? Don’t worry, the best time to book air tickets is actually 7 days in advance, says Expedia

The best period to book flights is seven to 13 days in advance, where you can save up to 30 per cent, Expedia said.
The Straits Times

‘Tis the season to be jolly – especially if you’re off to see the world.

As the end of the year approaches and children go on their school breaks, people all over the world will start to plan their vacations to destinations near and far, causing travel costs to rise sky high during the peak season.

But if you have not booked a flight yet, it might not be too late to make plans, travel booking site Expedia said on Thursday (Oct 31).

Based on its own historical data, Expedia said that the earlier may not actually be better when it comes to flight booking. Instead, the best fares are often found seven to 13 days before a flight, and can result in up to 30 per cent savings, it said in a statement.

In contrast, the worst time to book your flight is actually 61 to 90 days in advance.

As for hotels, it is best to book a room on the day itself or up to six days prior to checking in, as these dates can result in 30 per cent lower prices as well, Expedia said. Just like airfares, booking a hotel 91 days or more in advance will likely result in the worst deal.

“When it comes to booking flights, common sense typically calls for planning ahead in order to get the best deals. But the sweet spot for flights can vary, with seasonality, travel dates and other factors that could influence flight prices,” said Lavinia Rajaram, Brand Expedia’s APAC head of communications.

Tokyo and London most popular destinations for Singaporeans

And since many parts of the world are headed towards winter, Singaporeans are unsurprisingly escaping the heat to go to cooler destinations.

According to flight and accommodation data for the period of December 15 to January 14, 2020, the top five year-end destinations for the Republic’s travellers this season are Tokyo, London, Seoul, Taipei and Bangkok.

Aside for climate, Singaporeans are also warming up to longer-haul flights, the report said.

Further-flung cities like London, Paris, Barcelona and Los Angeles have seen year-on-year growth rates of over 60 per cent in flight demand during the year-end travel season.

Flight bookings for Asian hotspots like Osaka, Hanoi and Phuket continue to grow as well.

Despite the growth in popularity, some cities like Paris are still less popular with Singaporeans for the year-end holidays, and are cheaper this year-end compared to last year. Flights to Paris, for example, are 7 per cent cheaper this year, while its hotels are up to 15 per cent less expensive than they were in 2018, Expedia said.

Other destinations that are cheaper this year compared to 2018 are:

  • Canada’s Vancouver: flights up to 20 per cent cheaper, hotels up to 29 per cent cheaper
  • Shanghai:flights up to 26 per cent cheaper, hotels up to 9 per cent cheaper
  • New York: fights up to 28per cent cheaper, hotels up to 6 per cent cheaper
  • Los Angeles: flights up to 17per cent cheaper, hotels up to 7 per cent cheaper


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