Heineken is opening its own store on Grab’s app

Heineken and Grab announces a first-of-its-kind strategic partnership that begins at the end of September 2019.

You can crack open a cold one whenever you want by the end of the month thanks to a strategic partnership between international brewer Heineken and ride-hailing company Grab that was announced on Tuesday (Sept 17). 

The collaboration kicks off in Singapore and Vietnam at the end of September, and will be followed by additional offerings in the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar and Cambodia. 

Under the partnership, customers of legal drinking age will be able to have cold beer delivered to their doorstep via its food delivery service. GrabPay will also be used as the preferred payment method at Heineken events. 

A Heineken online specialty store will also be launched on the Grab app, allowing the drink maker to use Grab’s anonymised data to identify popular locations with the most sales and determine the best sellers.

In addition, Heineken will also make the ride-hailing app the preferred mode of transport for all its employees across Southeast Asia. 

Heineken’s Asia-Pacific president Dolf van den Brink said in the statement that the initiative “opens up a whole world of opportunities” for the brand, from introducing innovative ways of launching new products to giving consumers new channels to buy our products.

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