Hipster market Artbox returns bigger and better than last year – here is what you can expect to see and do

This years Artbox has a whole lot of things to do and I went down to see what all the fuss is about.
Business Insider/Ethan Rakin

Artbox 2018 has one goal in mind: do everything to make it not only bigger this year, but also much better.

An offshoot of the popular Bangkok market, the first Singapore edition took place in 2017 and attracted quite the crowd plus a host of issues.

I went down last Friday (May 25) for a preview of this year’s Artbox near Marina Bay Sands and this is what I managed to see and do.

Firstly, the venue is huge. 400 stalls are spread out over 140,000 square feet. There are multiple seating areas as well if you need to rest. 

The walkways are much wider so even during peak hour, I was able to weave my way through the crowds easily.

Entry is free and there are cashless alternatives to make transactions more convenient.

Shopping-wise, there’s plenty to buy at Artbox: expect anything from clothes, jewellery, plants, to cute knick-knacks.

Try your luck at a ‘sure-win’ vending machine where you can bag anything from a pair of earphones to a gaming console. I manged to snag the former on my first try.

Of course, no hipster market would be complete without Instagram-worthy locations and Artbox has plenty of them.

This kombi has also been converted into a photo booth.


This pink container also turned out to a particularly popular photo-taking spot.

There are multiple areas to sit, each one comfy and unique in their own way. It provided me with a nice opportunity to catch my breath after walking up and down Artbox:

There are also old school arcade games which you can play with your friends.

Spend S$20 or more using the cashless methods for a special treat: you get to enter Artbox’s very own foam pit where another photo opportunity awaits.

As the evening winds down, there are also ‘live’ performances.

What would a market be without the food? Artbox boasts 160 food stalls selling everything from macaroons, smores, milk tea buckets, chicken skewers, beef bowls to even gold-flaked durian ice cream!

Prices start from S$5 and go up to S$15; and some of the vendors might change on the second weekend.

This store did not only sell Thailand’s favorite mango sticky rice, but they also had traditional Thai iced tea.

There were different cuisines too – from Swedish to Japanese.

Artbox 2018 is definitely a full-day affair and some might say its problem is there seems to be too much to do. Perhaps that’s why it takes place over two weekends because it feels impossible to cover everything in just one visit.

The market re-opens again from June 1 to 3 (3pm – 11pm) at Bayfront Event Space (next to Marina Bay Sands).