‘Hot prince’: A new sultan for Pahang, but some Malaysian netizens are focused on its handsome prince instead

Tengku Arif Temenggong Pahang Tengku Fahd Mua’adzam Shah Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah (left) was present during the coronation of Sultan Abdullah Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah.
Portal Diraja Pahang

The coronation of Sultan Abdullah Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah as the sixth sultan of Pahang has adventitiously made one prince an internet sensation thanks to his good looks.

Tengku Arif Temenggong Pahang Tengku Fahd Mua’adzam Shah Ibni Sultan Ahmad Shah – who is the younger brother of the new sultan – made some quick appearances in the live video of the coronation.

Facebook / Bernama News Channel

While fleeting, these brief glimpses of the 25-year-old were all it took to attract the attention of eagle-eyed Malaysians.

Many have taken to Twitter to swoon over the looks of Tengku Fahd, son of Sultan Ahmad Shah Al Musta’in Billah Ibni Almarhum Sultan Abu Bakar and Sultanah Kalsom Abdullah.

The Universiti Malaysia Pahang’s (UMP) tree-planting exercise with Tengku Fahd (centre).
YouTube screenshot / umpmalaysia

One fan called him “Pahang’s hot prince” while another said that he was good looking enough to be a model.

Twitter user @thirstae expressed her gratitude to the cameraman for giving more screen time to Tengku Fahd.

According to a translation by The Star, Twitter user @_TheJebs tweeted: “Following the proclamation of Tengku Abdullah (now Sultan Abdullah), now I only notice Tengku Fahd. I think it is not too much if I call him ‘Pa-hunk’.”

And the Internet agrees. The tweet has since garnered over 700 retweets and 1,000 “likes”.

The founder and head of the Sultan Ahmad Shah Environment Trust, Tengku Fahd had acknowledged in a tv2 interview in 2012 that he became interested in doing his bit for the environment when he visited Tioman island and saw the turtles there.

Tengku Fahd’s interview on a tv2 programme.
YouTube screenshot / Matthias Gelber

While a YouTube video of the interview – which was shared by “Green Man” environmentalist Matthias Gelber – drew just seven comments, they were nearly all focused on the prince’s charm and good looks.


Sultan Abdullah took the oath and became Pahang’s sixth monarch on Tuesday (Jan 15).

During the ceremony, he reportedly spoke about his father Sultan Ahmad Shah, who abdicated the throne due to poor health after reigning for nearly 45 years, reported The Star.

The Straits Times quoted Sultan Abdullah as saying in a trembling voice: “I hope the people will pray for my father.”

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