How long it takes to see a doctor in your state

How long you spend in the waiting room may depend on where you live.

Using data from Vitals, a company that helps connect people to doctors and estimate costs, Business Insider mapped out the average wait times in all 50 states.

Vitals compiles information from its 10 million website users per month by asking questions like “How long did you have to wait before seeing someone before an appointment?” In 2015, Vitals received close to half a million responses for wait times in various medical settings, from emergency rooms to dermatology and general-practice medicine.

And while some of the data is pretty dismal, there are some bright spots. Since its first wait-time report in 2009, Vitals said that it’s actually seen a 10% drop in average wait time.

See how your state stacks up:

Andy Kiersz/Business Insider

The five states with the shortest wait times:

1. New Hampshire – 13.25 minutes on average

2. Wisconsin – 13:29 minutes

3. Maine – 13:37 minutes

4. Washington – 13:52 minutes

5. South Dakota – 14:16 minutes

The five states with the longest wait times:

1. Alabama – 21:12 minutes

2. Mississippi – 21:02 minutes

3. West Virginia – 20:29 minutes

4. Arkansas – 20:05 minutes

5. Nevada – 20:03 minutes

Vitals also broke out the results by city, with Seattle, Milwaukee, and Minneapolis topping the list as cities with the shortest average wait time in 2015.