Huawei’s new S$600, northern lights-themed phone still has Android access

The phone comes in three colors: blue, black, and purple, and is designed to resemble the northern lights.

Despite uncertainty around its future access to Android, Huawei just launched its newest smartphone, the nova 5T, in Singapore on Thursday (Sept 5).

The mid-tier phone, which is aimed at younger buyers, costs S$598, and runs on EMUI 9.1 – an Android-based operating system.

This means that the phone will still have Google access, despite an ongoing US blacklist that prevents the tech giant from working with the Chinese brand.

According to a report by Android Authority, the Nova 5T could have received Google certification before the ban was activated.

The first phone expected to be affected by the ban is the upcoming Mate 30 Pro.

As for the Nova 5T, the phone has a 6.26-inch screen, a fingerprint sensor, 8GB RAM and 128GB of storage. The battery takes one hour for a full charge.

The back of the phone boasts a textured, reflective finish that makes it look like it’s radiating light – just like the aurora borealis, Huawei said.

The phone, which has no notch, has five camera lenses: a 32 MP (megapixel) selfie camera on the front, and four on the back.

They are: a 16 MP ultra-wide-angle lens, a 48MP ultra-HD lens, a 2MP macro lens that can capture objects four centimetres away, and a 2MP bokeh lens for portraits.

Huawei also claims the camera has a smart beauty filter that can avoid fake-looking modifications, a Super Night Mode that can take photos as clear as those with a tripod, and AI that can take better backlit shots.

Pre-orders for the phone start on Friday (Sept 6) and will end on Thursday (Sept 12).

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