Hubspot Singapore’s insane flexi-work policy lets employees work remotely for whatever reason their heart desires, even if it’s following a celebrity on tour

Hubspot’s flexible working policies will apply not just in its American offices, but also in Singapore.

It’s no secret that marketing software developer Hubspot is a favourite employer worldwide – particularly with millenials – thanks to unbelievable policies like unlimited vacation days and incredibly flexible hours.

But across Asia, where employers are still deeply entrenched in traditional ways of work, abolishing face time culture in workplaces has been a slow process.

So when we read that Hubspot let an American employee work remotely for a year to catch Justin Timberlake on tour, we wondered how many years it’d take for Singapore’s office culture to catch up.

We were surprised to hear it’s already in place. Hubspot’s flexible working policy applies not just to America, but all offices worldwide – including the 117 employees in its two Singapore offices, according to managing director of Hubspot APAC, Shahid Nizami.

Shahid confirmed that if a Hubspot Singapore employee wanted to work remotely to follow Jay Chou (or any other celebrity) on tour for a year, they could.

“In today’s age, people work the way they live. You can really work from anywhere, anytime, and that’s what we encourage at Hubspot,” he said. “We will not have a discriminated policy for our employees in Singapore as compared to Dublin or America… All of us now are world citizens, and I think people want to be treated as such.”

He added: “As long as employees are doing their job, I think we should be supportive. I think people really appreciate this flexibility.”