The MCCY has a mascot to help people understand the Hungry Ghost Festival, and it’s a ghost named Mr Woo

Meet Mr Woo, a ghost.
Facebook/Mr Woo

The Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth (MCCY) announced on Thursday (August 16) that it has a new way for people to learn about the Hungry Ghost Festival and its traditions, and that is through Mr WoOoOoO (or Mr Woo for short), a mascot-chatbot that is also a ghost (pictured above).

The month-long festival started last week, and during this period, Mr Woo is here to help with any queries you might have about the festival.

Described as the “friendliest ghost in town” by the MCCY, curious users can message him via his Facebook profile to chat and ask questions until the festival concludes next month.

He can also provide location-based directions to the closest Buddhist or Taoist temple as well as culturally unique ‘getai’ performances.

The ministry said yesterday that it is exploring the use of digital tools to build greater understanding of Singapore’s intangible cultural heritage, The Straits Times reported.

How is Mr Woo so knowledgeable about all of this though?

“Mr Woo is friendly, learned and loves char kway teow. He is also brimming with information on the festival’s origins and practices, having built up his store of knowledge by consulting religious leaders from Buddhist and Taoist faiths”, MCCY said.

Here’s how you can talk to Mr Woo!