I had a lobster feast at Singapore’s first Burger & Lobster before it opens on May 23 – this is why I think it’s worth the hype

Burger & Lobster at Jewel Changi opens to the public on Thursday, May 23.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

Remember when some people queued up for six hours just to be the first to get into New York burger chain Shake Shack’s first outlet in Singapore?

You can probably expect a repeat (or more) when London’s Burger & Lobster opens its doors at Jewel Changi Airport this Thursday (May 23).

But will it really be worth all the hype?

I visited the restaurant – located at Jewel’s top floor Canopy Park – for a sneak preview of the much-anticipated lobster specialist restaurant, and I was not disappointed.

Apart from the high-quality fresh lobsters served, one of the main draws for me was the attention to detail and stunning backdrop the restaurant offers. Oh, and it is also open from 9am to 3am daily, so you don’t have to worry if you have a lobster craving for breakfast.

Here’s what it was like having a lobster feast at Burger & Lobster’s Jewel restaurant:

Burger & Lobster is situated in a prime location at the top of Jewel, where there are stunning views of the 40m-high HSBC Rain Vortex and Shiseido Forest Valley.

Take the lift from Lobby E to level 5 of the complex.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

The chain’s restaurants in London are crowd magnets (especially with tourists), so it won’t be surprising to find long lines at the Singapore outlet too.

Tanks of fresh lobsters line the entrance, so you can look at your next meal in the eye.

The tanks play an important role in emphasising how fresh your lobster dinner is.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

At the two-level restaurant, you will find a bar on the bottom floor. If you order a drink here, you’ll be treated to the majestic roaring of the giant man-made waterfall right next door.

Business Insider/Jessica Lin

Next to the bar, you’ll find an open kitchen which offers free heavenly aromas of freshly deep fried fries, among other things.

Business Insider/Jessica Lin

If you’re very lucky, you’ll get a seat with unobstructed views of the Rain Vortex.

And don’t even think of reserving the spot – the restaurant currently isn’t accepting bookings.

These seats are on the lower level of the restaurant.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

The restaurant has a total of 81 seats spread across two levels.

Notice how the tiles next to the lobster tank resemble the ocean? You’ll feel like you’re swimming up the stairs with the metal crustaceans featured on the wall.

Business Insider/Jessica Lin

As the restaurant sits just below Jewel’s glass dome ceiling, you can expect the top floor to be very sunny, and even warm quite warm in the middle of the day.

So if you prefer to be in cooler temperatures, you should opt for a table on the lower level instead.

The restaurant is surrounded by lush greenery, so you feel like you’re eating in paradise.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

This is what a table at the top looks like. Pretty stunning, thanks to generous sunlight pouring through the roof.

Business Insider/Jessica Lin

To cool down (presumably after queuing for a long time), you can try one of Burger & Lobster’s signature drinks.

This is the Pineapple Iced Tea, which comes cleverly served in a biodegradable plastic bag, designed to resemble your take-away teh ping from the kopitiam.

It has real pineapple puree, lemon juice and palm sugar. S$9++ for a bag.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

Burger & Lobster is known across the globe for its succulent lobster rolls served with drawn butter, so the dish is set to be a favourite here.

At S$40++, the lobster roll is quite competitively priced, especially given the high quality and freshness of the seafood you are getting.

The buns encasing the lobster chunks are also freshly made, and are very soft and easy to bite into.

Servings are generous too.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

If buns are not your thing, go straight for the Original Lobster, which will set you back by about S$65++, also a good price point for lobsters in Singapore.

The restaurant says its live lobsters are flown in specially from Nova Scotia, Canada.

The lobster I got was fleshy and very satisfying to chomp on.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

And because this is Singapore, the chain is also serving a Jewel-limited Sambal Glazed Lobster.

Priced exactly the same as the Original Lobster, the sambal lobster has an added kick to it. I was pleasantly surprised at how balanced the flavours of the sambal sauce were. 

If you’re deciding between the two, my recommendation would be to go for the sambal.

You can dip the freshly-baked brioche in your sambal sauce for a true Singaporean experience.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

Let’s not forget the burgers.

This one is The Mayfair – a 170g Nebraskan beef patty sandwiched between soft sesame-topped buns.

Again, at S$25++, the burger sits within a comfortable price position, especially for the quality and taste you’re getting.

The beef was perfectly-cooked.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

There are desserts too.

The Tres Leches – vanilla sponge caked soaked in milk and topped with green tea whipped cream – is recommended for those who love the taste of milk.

The cake (S$12++) is drenched in a special milk sauce.
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

But if, like me, you have a thing for fruity desserts, you should definitely go for the Mango Eaton Mess.

Also S$12++
Business Insider/Jessica Lin

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