I swapped out my regular earphones for a S$460 Beoplay E6 – and it felt like a first-class upgrade

Bang & Olufsen

The audio market is awash with expensive audio accessories each promising anything from complete noise cancellation to comfort-wearing.

As someone who is always leaving things behind, pricey earphones were never really my thing. For years, I have stuck with the default pair of earphones that came with whichever phone I happened to be using at the time.

Recently, I was invited to try out the Beoplay E6, a S$460 pair of in-ear earphones made by luxury electronics company Bang & Olufsen. And it’s got me thinking about how much I should be spending to listen to music every day.

But first, let’s start with what I didn’t like.

While I’m not exactly a fan of bright and flashy colours, the Beoplay E6 range in Singapore comes in very limited colours, In fact, there are just three – black, sand and a limited edition dark plum released under the autumn/winter collection.

Beoplay E6 in sand
Bang & Olufsen

The set I received was sand, which is nicely subtle and sleek but not everyone will find it attractive. The limited range of colours available can be a deal-breaker for people who are looking for standout colours such as metallic blue or lime green.

Beoplay E6 in dark plum
Bang & Olufsen

Colours aside, the E6, like most B&O products, boasts a minimalistic and stylish look that makes one pause to look. Even the snap-on charger it came with was incredibly sleek, sporting that same clean design the Danish brand is known for.

What I liked most about the design is the clever placement of small magnets within the earpiece so that the left and the right can be put together neatly when not in use. How clever! I didn’t have to worry about leaving the earphones behind in the bus, or struggle to keep them neatly when I was done using them. All that I needed to do was to stick the earpieces together and hang them around my neck like a necklace.

Magnets keep the earpieces on the Beoplay E6 together.

Putting the earpieces together also turns the device off, making the E6 a battery-saving gadget, and I didn’t have to worry too much about charging them before going to bed at night. Moreover, the snap-on charger allowed me to continue using the earphones even while charging them.

Its cord also feels strong and durable, and is designed to resist tear, sweat and moisture. At the same time, it is extremely light, which makes it a great pair of earphones to use while running.

I also saved plenty of time time because the cord did not tangle up like some others do. The little pouch that came with it also turned out to be really useful – it even had two separate compartments.

Sound-wise, the E6 – while not as powerful as serious audiophiles might prefer – provided clear enough sound for the casual music listener such as myself. It was also surprisingly good at blocking out environmental noise when I listened to music. Many times, I didn’t even realise someone had been calling for me until they tapped me on the shoulder.

What I also liked was that the set came equipped with earfins and silicone tips in multiple sizes. This was especially helpful because my right ear is a littler smaller than the left, and traditional earpieces always seem to fall out too easily because they don’t fit.

The different sizes of silicone tips and ear fins the set came with.
Bang & Olufsen

One small issue I had though, was that the outer portion of the earpiece was a little too bulky, causing it to stick out of my ear a bit too much. This caused my hands to accidentally brush against the earpiece when I adjusted my spectacles or tucked my hair behind the ears.

There is also a Beoplay mobile app that users can download to control the device from, but I don’t really see why anyone would need this. It was simply easier toggling the sound directly on the E6 or on my phone’s music app.

Still, the overall experience of using the E6 was great – I felt like my ears had been treated to a first-class upgrade!

So is the Beoplay E6 worth splurging S$460 on? If you’re a fan of B&O’s signature clean and futuristic aesthetics, then yes. Its clever product design also makes it a very good product to own, especially if you listen to music on-the-go a lot.