I tried KitKat’s limited edition Singapore flavours: Chilli crab, salted egg yolk and ‘kopitiam breakfast’ – here’s how they tasted

From left: the Singapore-exclusive chili crab, local breakfast and salted egg yolk-inspired Kit Kat flavours.
Rachel Chia/Business Insider

Japan’s Kit Kat game is so strong, it’s turned into a must-buy souvenir for tourists.

Now, Singapore is trying to get in on the game with local versions of the snack, flavoured to taste like popular dishes.

The “Salted Egg Yolk”, “Singapore Chilli Crab” and “Kopitiam Breakfast” Kit Kat flavours debuted on Monday (April 8) at a pop-up Kit Kat Chocolatory store in Vivocity.

Business Insider visited the store and got to try the three new flavours. Here’s how it went:

The temporary store is located at VivoCity’s Level 1 concourse, and is open from 10am to 10pm daily. It will run until Sunday (April 14).

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

The three flavours will cost S$7.50 per box. Each box contains four sticks of Kit Kat.

Thousands of boxes were sold the very first day the pop-up store opened, Nestle Singapore communications head Chow Phee Chat told Business Insider.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

Chow said the company was looking to market the Kit Kat flavours as tourist souvenirs, and chose Vivocity for the pop-up location as it is near Sentosa, a tourist destination.

The three flavours might eventually even be exported to other countries, he added.

Describing early sales as “very encouraging”, Chow said the company was using the pop-up to gauge consumer interest in a permanent store.

The new flavours were created by Germaine Li (left in the photo below) and Joy Chiam (right) of Patisserie Cle, who were chosen for their skill in blending eastern and western flavours.

Li said the duo spent two months creating the new flavours, testing numerous combinations before settling on the final three.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

To make the Kit Kats, a flavoured cream is first piped onto basic chocolate wafer bars, and then the toppings are added.

Kit Kat

Kit Kat

The first flavour, Singapore Chilli Crab, was topped with mini mantou (fried buns) and chilli flakes. It smelled distinctly of chilli crab sauce.

It wasn’t spicy on the first few mouths, but after several chews, the spiciness started to burn the back of my throat painfully.

Chow said that this flavour was the most popular among customers so far.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

There appears to be garlic and ginger in it as well, according to a Kit Kat display.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

The sweetness of the chilli crab sauce went well with the milk chocolate, and the salty, crunchy toppings provided a good contrast.

However, I couldn’t get over the spicy aftertaste – which made my throat itch for a long time. Spice lovers will enjoy this, but parents may want to avoid giving this to children.

The next flavour was Salted Egg Yolk, which was chosen for its trendiness. The Kit Kat bar was topped with cashew nuts, chilli flakes and curry leaves.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

According to the display, this flavour also has chillies in it – but the spice level was lower than in the chilli crab flavour.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

The fragrant curry leaves were a nice touch and invoked memories of salted egg yolk prawns from a zi char stall. The salted egg yolk flavour wasn’t as prominent as I expected, however, and showed up just as slight hints of saltiness.

Last was the Kopitiam Breakfast flavour, which tried to encapsulate the tastes of a traditional Singapore breakfast: kaya toast, half-boiled eggs and coffee.

This was the most visually interesting bar of the three, thanks to adorable mini “eggs” among the toppings.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

Taste-wise, however, the eggs barely came through. Instead, the bar had a strong coffee fragrance and taste. The squares of sugar-coated toast on the bar were extremely hard and crunchy.

The coffee flavour went well with the chocolate, making this the sweetest and most traditionally “dessert-ey” option of the three.

Our advice? Get the chilli crab flavour as a souvenir for friends overseas.

Rachel Chia/Business Insider

While the taste might not make it a snack most people could eat regularly, the sheer novelty factor of these limited edition babies makes them great gifts for friends and family overseas.

For being the most authentic-tasting option, we recommend picking the chilli crab flavour – its unique taste was the most prominent of the three, and the contrast between sweet and spicy was very unusual for a Kit Kat bar.

Just one thing – have some water handy for after.

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