I tried McDonald’s new salted egg yolk fries, peach pie and pandan ice cream – here’s the verdict

Spoiler: most of it was rather disappointing.
McDonald’s Singapore

McDonald’s has launched some pretty unusual items in Singapore in the past, including its unforgettable nasi lemak burger.

So when the chain announced it was introducing salted egg yolk fries, pandan soft serve and peach pie on Thursday (Jan 3), I wasted no time in going to the nearest store to try the new items.

I got a spot in the queue at 10.59am (11am is the time non-breakfast food items are available for sale) and was among the first few people in Toa Payoh to get my hands on the new grub.

A gaggle of very excited girls waiting by the side of the ordering kiosks also rushed over the moment the breakfast menu changed to lunch, and got several orders of all the new items.

Here’s how they tasted:

Salted Egg Yolk Fries – 1.5/5

Rachel Genevieve Chia/McDonald’s Singapore

First off, the smell of the fries was strange. They didn’t smell like salted egg yolk at all, but had a sour, almost onion-ey scent, which wasn’t appetising.

The taste was just as disappointing: the sauce did not taste anything like salted egg yolk. One colleague who tried it said it tasted like cheese and sour cream mixed together.

At least the amount of sauce was true to the photo, but it wasn’t enough to cover all the fries.

Given the cost of these fries (S$4.10 a la carte and S$1.20 as a meal top-up), it’s really not worth the money. You’d be better off ordering regular fries with tomato sauce.

Peach Pie – 2/5

Rachel Genevieve Chia/McDonald’s Singapore

Much like the salted egg yolk fries, this item was also a big disappointment. When it was cut into, the pie did smell overwhelmingly like peaches – but not the fresh fruit. Instead, it was the smell of flavoured peach drinks.

The crust seemed to be the crust used for the standard apple pie (unobjectionable), but the filling had a strong artificial peach taste – one colleague said it reminded her of congealed peach tea.

Still, the peach bits gave the filling some bite, and while the pie was sweet, it wasn’t unbearably so. The cost was also more palatable than the fries, at S$1.40.

This pie will probably be very popular with young children and people who love peach-flavoured drinks.

Pandan Oreo McFlurry and Pandan Hot Fudge Sundae – 3.5/5

Rachel Genevieve Chia/McDonald’s Singapore

Among the items, I thought the pandan soft-serve range was the best-tasting. The pandan flavour was prominent but light, similar to a pandan chiffon cake. Although I am not a pandan fan, the taste was enjoyable.

Rachel Genevieve Chia/McDonald’s Singapore

Among the two pandan ice cream options I purchased (sundae at S$2 and McFlurry at S$3), the hot fudge sundae was the best tasting as the pandan taste went well with the fudge.

However, my ice cream only came with a tiny bit of hot fudge, and looked drastically different to the one in the promotional photo.

My ice cream came with one line of hot fudge. It was a pity, as the sundae would have been much tastier with a reasonable amount of fudge.
Rachel Genevieve Chia

Do note that in order to order any items from the pandan soft serve range, you have to go to a McDonald’s dessert kiosk, not a regular store.

Dessert kiosks have a separate ordering counter from the main store.
Rachel Genevieve Chia

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