Icelandic soccer announcer goes bananas again after celebrating Iceland’s wild upset victory over England in the European Championship

Ariel Schalit/AP

Everyone’s favorite Icelandic soccer announcer was back at it after Iceland pulled off a wild upset victory over England to advance to the quarterfinals at the European Championship.

Gudmundur Benediktsson has gained some fame at Euro 2016 for his breathless shrieks following Iceland’s goals and victories, but he nearly lost his voice after Iceland’s latest win.

With the game on the line, England failed to convert on a corner kick, sealing the win for Iceland in the 93rd minute.

That’s when Benediktsson let loose with another crazed call:

Icelandic commentary King atfull time. “You can leave Europe! You can go wherever the hellyou want!”, 2016

And if his sheer joy doesn’t leave you inspired, then perhaps Iceland’s awesome clapping celebration will do the job. It’s unclear what the origins of this choreographed celebration are or what they chant, but it’s great nonetheless:

This Iceland clappingcelebration is awesome, gave me goosebumps.îø, 2016