Ikea is now selling furniture for cats and dogs because why not?

Photo: Ikea

Dog owners, have you ever banished your dog to the floor to prevent your thousand-dollar sofas from being scratched or stained?

Worry no more. Swedish furniture and lifestyle company Ikea has come to save the day.

Instead of banishing your furry friends to the cold hard floor, why not get them their own sofa to lounge on? After all, every cute dog deserves a little comfort.

The idea of pet furniture may sound crazy to some – especially since pet stores usually sell such items at exorbitant prices. But all this is about to change with Ikea’s first-ever pet furniture range Lurvig, which means ‘hairy’ in Swedish.

Lurvig has all your pet’s home and living needs, from food bowls and leashes to sofa-like beds and elevated cat houses.

When contacted, a spokesperson from Ikea Singapore told Business Insider that the collection is currently on a pilot launch in five markets – Japan, France, Canada, USA and Algarve, Portugal.

There is no word if the collection will come to Singapore or Malaysia, but the spokesperson added that “Ikea is definitely working towards in having the collection available in more stores in the future”.