Ikea Singapore knows its new online store is late to the e-commerce game – here’s why it took so long

It came as good news to many that Ikea Singapore had finally launched an online store on Nov 6 after years of operating as a brick-and-mortar store here.

The Swedish furniture giant has two outlets in Singapore – a megastore in Tampines and another outlet in Alexandra.

But what took it so long?

Its late entry into the e-commerce market with ikea.sg was necessary it seems.

“Our foray into the e-commerce scene may be seen as late to some, but we needed time to get it right and refine our processes for a truly multi-channel offer for our customers,” said an Ikea Singapore spokesman in reply to Business Insider queries.

“We researched our customers’ needs and looked at the whole customer journey, from the digital experience to the operational end in terms of deliveries to customers’ homes.”

It’s no mean feat when your inventory includes some 7,000 products.

Singapore is the first market in Southeast Asia to have an online store, and plans are in the works for similar ones to roll out in Malaysia and Thailand.

The Ikea spokesman said that the Malaysian online store is currently “in development stages” with a “testing phase” set for next year.

The online store in Singapore offers the same prices as the physical store, with the exception of in-store promotions, and sales so far “have been positive”.

There is no minimum spend but the delivery cost for a parcel which has small items weighing less than 24kg and its longest side not exceeding 1m is $15.

Each trip for the delivery of bulky items and furniture costs $70.

Best part is, the delivery guys are trained to assemble the furniture for you if you request for it, but this will cost extra.