Infinity War is Singapore’s all-time No.1 film as Avengers franchise takes top 3 positions

Infinity War continues to dominate box offices worldwide and has broken records in Singapore with its impressive haul.
Marvel Studios/Disney

Marvel Studios’ Avengers: Infinity War is on a hot streak worldwide and continues to break box office records in Singapore.

After enjoying both the biggest industry opening weekend and biggest five-day opening weekend, the blockbuster has set yet another unprecedented historical first here.

In just two and a half weeks, it has become the country’s number one movie of all-time by grossing S$14.3 million ($10.7 million).

Infinity War is also the first film in Singapore history to surpass the S$14 million mark.

Incidentally, the previous all-time movie record-holder was from the same franchise, with the original Marvel’s The Avengers grossing S$13.7 million in 2012.

In fact, the series currently holds the title of All-Time Top 3 films in Singapore: the middle installment, Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron, is in third place with its $13.1 million box office gross.

Infinity War is still playing in cinemas so its final gross is expected to be higher, making it a tough act for any movie to follow… at least until the fourth Avengers flick comes along next year.