The iPhone 7 will be a snoozer — but just wait for the iPhone 8 ‘super cycle’

Getty/Justin Sullivan

The evidence has been piling up that the iPhone 7 will be a snoozer and only show modest improvements over the 6S. But just wait for the iPhone 8, which analysts at Credit Suisse predict will be a “super cycle.”

In a note on Wednesday, the analysts wrote that the iPhone 8 would potentially come in September 2017 and include an impressive array of new features and upgrades.

Here is a rundown of what they expect:

    OLED screenFull glass displayNo “home button”Enhanced “taptic engine” (responsible for different types of vibrations)Improved cameraWireless charging

The analysts think that this should kick-start the replacement cycle and convince a lot of people to make the upgrade, which is good news for Apple investors, since the prospect of lengthening replacement cycles has been a cause for concern.

But that’s still a long way off.

Here is what the analysts expect you should see in the iPhone 7 (“muted cycle”):

    ThinnerMore storageDual camera for Plus

However, there could be a few more improvements as well. According to a Nikkei report last month, the big changes to this year’s iPhone will be:

    A better cameraWater resistanceLarger batteryNo headphone jackA “high-end version” with photo “correction functions” – likely the dual-lens camera that’s been rumored