The new iPhone prices are ridiculously expensive — and the internet is blowing up with reactions from people

Apple has pushed the boundaries even further with these new iPhones.

Apple has launched the most expensive iPhone model, iPhone XS Max, on Sept 12, with a massive price tag of S$2,349 (US$1,711) for the top-end 512GB version.

The iPhone XS costs S$2,199 for its top-end 512GB version and the iPhone XR costs S$1,469 for the 256GB version.

A mobile phone that costs over S$2,000 sure sounds too pricey, but just wait till you see hundreds of Singaporeans queuing outside the Apple Store a day before the XS Max and XS models are made available here, which is on Sept 21.

There are a million other things you can spend more than S$2,000 on — a brand new air conditioner, about four new refrigerators and multiple flight tickets around Europe!

Take a look at this ad by Skyscanner Singapore, where they equated the iPhone XS price to an “Epic European trip” with a clever caption.

The Internet is blowing up with reactions to the new iPhone prices.


Many people are complaining about the prices of the new iPhones.

Last year, though everyone was complaining that the iPhone X was too expensive, that device went on to become the top-selling smartphone in the world.

Will these new iPhones follow suit?

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