‘It burns!’: Red Bull Racing’s Ricciardo and Verstappen try durian for the first time

It’s not called the king of fruits for nothing. With its distinct smell, creamy flesh and spiky exterior, the durian is one of Southeast Asia’s most unfathomable wonders.

Many Singaporeans would queue for hours just to get their hands on a good Mao Shan Wang (a durian variety famous for its bittersweet taste), but foreigners would usually not touch the thorny fruit with a ten-foot pole.

Red Bull Racing Formula One team drivers Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen found this out firsthand, when they were challenged to crack open a durian at the Fullerton waterfront.

The drivers, who are in Singapore for the 2017 Singapore Grand Prix, were given some simple tools and thrown in the deep-end to figure out their task themselves. Several tries and tools – think hacksaw, hammer, chair leg, rubber chicken, high-throws and overarm throws – later, the duo finally managed to get their durians cracked open.

But their amusement soon turned to disgust when they were told that they had to eat the fruit’s flesh.

“It burns!” Ricciardo said after taking his first bite, adding that “it tastes worse than it smells”.

While the 28-year-old Australian’s response was pretty calm for a first-timer, Verstappen did not have it so good.

After taking his first bite, the 19-year-old Belgian-Dutch retched and and asked for some water to flush the taste down.

In a separate Facebook Live video, Ricciardo described durian as “a Singapore fruit that tastes terrible”, while Verstappen nodded in agreement.

While it would have been great if they could appreciate the wonderful pungent flavours we’re all so familiar with, we think these boys deserve an ‘A’ for effort!

Perhaps some fried tempe or petai beans next time?