It’s chocolate galore at ION Orchard this weekend – and we can’t get enough of it

Business Insider/Joey Lee

Chocolate lovers, prepare to be wowed.

There’s plenty in store for you at ION Orchard this weekend to start things off for the Singapore Food Festival  – there’ll be macarons, tea-infused chocolate bars, and even a massive seven-tiered chocolate cake.

It’s all happening as part of the Singapore Food Festival and in conjunction with ION Orchard’s eighth birthday this year and will go on from July 14 till 31.

The Chocolate Wonderland event, which will happen this weekend, is part of ION’s Culinary Creations campaign now in its third year.

If you’re the kind with a sweet tooth, take note of the dates July 14-16 as this is when the Chocolate Wonderland event will be held.

Decadence is key of course, so indulge yourself in chocolate-related items from well-known names such as The Marmalade Pantry, Awfully Chocolate, LeTAO and GODIVA.

Not a chocolate aficionado but curious to know what’s happening? We’ve got that covered too.

Here’s some of the things you can expect to see if you pop by ION this weekend.

You’ll be in for a treat if you head down to ION this weekend (July 14-16) where basement four of the mall has been transformed into a Chocolate Wonderland. 

One of the first things that will catch your eye, is this impressive 2m-high, seven-tiered masterpiece designed by Winifred Kristé Cake in partnership with Magnum. 

To spice up the party, we saw specially curated pop-up booths by Magnum, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co. and Häagen-Dazs offering some limited edition treats exclusive only to ION Orchard.  

For example, The 1872 Clipper Tea Co will have some exquisite tea-infused chocolate bars on sale with flavours such as Earl Grey, Bandung and Passionfruit.

Surprised to see Bandung on the menu? Gear up for more desserts inspired by local drinks, as the Winifred Kristé and Magnum collaboration has produced some eyebrow-raising macaron flavours – Teh Tarik and Kopi Gao to be specific. 

For a little extra cash, founder Winifred Lua (who has Martha Stewart and Michelle Obama on her client list), will also be there in person to personalise your macarons with edible gold paint. 

Not so much of a chocolate fanatic?

How about some cheesecake? Popular Hokkaido cheesecake brand LeTAO will also join in on the fun by holding a contest where you stand a chance to walk away with a pair of return tickers to Sapporo, Japan. 

Surprise, surprise, out of nowhere, we spotted home-grown bakwa brand Lim Chee Guan. What’s the link between pork jerky and chocolate? We’re not quite sure but it’s always a welcome treat anyway. 

But hey, this just goes to show that there’s a little something for everyone here. 

ION had one last gift to surprise us with. 

To sweeten the deal, the first 100 shoppers who spend a minimum of $150 can redeem an exclusive gift box at the event between 2pm and 4pm.  

So give yourself a little treat over this weekend and forget about maintaining that waistline.

After all, you can always pop by the gym on Monday.