Ja Rule wanted his fans to get their anger over Fyre Festival out at him at a concert by encouraging a chant of ‘f— you, Ja Rule’

Ja Rule and Billy McFarland.

Ja Rule and Billy McFarland.
  • Ja Rule encouraged fans to yell expletives at him at a recent concert.
  • He started a chant of “f— you, Ja Rule” before performing in New Jersey.
  • Jerry Media has also received negative attention since the Hulu and Netflix documentaries about Fyre Festival.

Ja Rule knows people might be upset with him at the moment, after the release of Hulu and Netflix’s documentaries on the epic failure that was Fyre Festival.

He’s apparently so self-aware that he encouraged fans to yell at him at a recent concert in New Jersey.

It has been nearly two years since the disastrous event, but the new documentaries have brought all the unpleasant memories back – including Ja Rule’s involvement in it. He vehemently defended himself on Twitter, suggesting he was also a victim of Billy McFarland’s lies.

At his concert, he appeared slightly more apologetic, saying he knew the crowd was probably mad at him, but they shouldn’t dwell on it all year. Instead, he told them to chant “f— you, Ja Rule” three times. Then he started performing his music.

Also facing the recent backlash is Jerry Media, the media company which promoted Fyre Festival. Comedian John Mulaney and actor Colin Hanks were among the handful of celebrities who joined a campaign against the meme account turned marketing agency for stealing other people’s content. Since then, the founder Elliot Tebele has apologized and said the company will never take people’s work without consent.