Jaguar Singapore has launched a Cyber Monday website with prices starting from S$99,000

Cyber Monday is upon us, and in the year 2017, this highly-anticipated e-commerce occasion is no longer restricted to fast-moving consumer goods, electronics, toys, clothes, gifts and other small items.

Now, you can even bid for a brand new luxury car at a discount on the Internet.

On Nov 27, Singapore car dealer Wearnes Automotive launched a Cyber Monday website to auction off three units of its signature Jaguar models – Jaguar XE, Jaguar XF and the Jaguar F-Pace.

Bids for all three cars are inclusive of Certificates Of Entitlement and start from S$99,000, S$159,000 and S$199,000 respectively.

Launched at midnight on Monday, the bids had already reached S$159,000, S$179,000 and S$204,000 by 10am.


A first of its kind in Singapore, the auction will close at 11:59pm on the same day.

Last year, Wearnes Automotive had also run a Cyber Monday exercise with 10 units of the Jaguar XE sold at a discount.