Japanese restaurant Sushiro explains the ‘poetic’ English used on its viral Facebook post – and then does it again

Sushiro has found a new way to describe one of its most popular dishes.
Facebook/Sushiro Singapore

Sushiro sells one of the cheapest ‘chirashi donburi’ (sashimi on rice) bowl in Singapore but that is not the only thing making the news.

Last week, it posted a hilarious caption alongside a photo of the popular dish on Facebook.

Don’t adjust your screen because you read that right. The bombastic and incoherent caption was inspired by the reverse Pictionary games which the staff play for team-building purposes, according to The Straits Times.

Each player would try to describe a dish in a way that would be difficult for the opposing team to guess, and what started as an in-joke by one of the chefs has now gone viral on the internet.

A Sushiro spokesman told The Straits Times: “One of the kitchen chefs started throwing out these literary phrases and it became a rolling joke that he should do an Instagram takeover for his ‘thought-provoking’ vocabulary.”

The post has drawn various reactions from Facebook users: one said it killed her brain cells while another commented this is what happens when you make somebody with a PhD in English the admin of your social media account.

Sushiro remains on the roll and struck again yesterday (Aug 15) with another similar post.