Japanese YouTuber Yuka Kinoshita eats 14,000 calories worth of food at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands – in one sitting

The YouTuber sat before an array of dishes from three restaurants at Marina Bay Sands.
YouTube / Yuka Kinoshita

A petite Japanese woman sat before an array of dishes from restaurants at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) and wolfed down the entire spread – all without breaking a sweat.

In total, Japanese competitive eater and YouTube star Yuka Kinoshita ate 9kg of food and beverages from three restaurants – Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer, Spago Dining Room and Lavo Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar. The total calorie count for her meal came up to 14,000.

The iconic Marina Bay Sands is known for its high-end restaurants and quality dining options. A quick calculation based on these three restaurants’ online menus shows that Kinoshita ate at least S$436 (US$315) worth of food and drinks.

Best known for her “Mukbang” and “High Calorie” video series, Kinoshita’s YouTube channel has close to five million subscribers. Her videos command view-counts in the hundreds of thousands, some have even clocked millions of views.

In the MBS video, Kinoshita said that her meal was provided by the restaurants. In exchange, she documented herself eating the entire spread – over 13 items – for the episode published on Nov 9.

She started with Black Tap’s Cotton Candy Strawberry Shake, even showing how the American diner makes its famous over-the-top milkshakes.

YouTube / Yuka Kinoshita

She raved about it, saying that it is “kawaii”, “fluffy”, “tasty” and that it will be “so good” in Harajuku – a trendy neighbourhood in Tokyo renowned for its colourful street art and unique fashion.

Right after finishing the shake, she jumped straight into Spago’s pumpkin agnolotti.

YouTube / Yuka Kinoshita

She then gulped down two of Lavo’s famous gigantic meatballs in huge spoonfuls, describing them as “soft and juicy”.

YouTube / Yuka Kinoshita

Next up was Lavo’s spinach and artichoke brick oven pizza, as well as Spago’s Dutch milk-fed veal chop and Japanese sea bream “laksa”.

Spago’s Japanese sea bream “laksa”.
YouTube / Yuka Kinoshita

And she’s not done.

She then moved on to Lavo’s quattro formaggi brick oven pizza, and devoured a foie gras kaya toast from Spago.

Spago’s Foie Gras “Kaya Toast”.
YouTube / Yuka Kinoshita

If you’re starting to feel the heartburn coming, don’t worry about Kinoshita.

The oogui or “big eater” still had space for Spago’s charcoal grilled Spanish octopus and two burger dishes from Black Tap – including the french fries and salad that came along with them.

And just as she had started the event, the 33-year-old chose to end another successful eating mission with one last sweet treat – a black forest dish from Spago.

YouTube / Yuka Kinoshita

On top of all of this, she also drank seven full glasses of milk tea with pearls, coconut juice and a cup of what appears to be latte.

And like a true eating champion, she never once complained about feeling full.

Here is breakdown of the total cost of her meal:

Black Tap Craft Burgers & Beer

  • The Greg Norman – S$26
  • The Cantonese BBQ Burger – S$24
  • Cotton Candy Strawberry Shake – S$22

Spago Dining Room

Lavo Italian Restaurant & Rooftop Bar

  • “The Meatball” – S$38 (x2)
  • Spinach and Artichoke Brick Oven Pizza – S$36
  • Quattro Formaggi Brick Oven Pizza – S$34

Total: S$436

Watch the video here:

Apparently, this was not her first mukbang (social eating video) in Singapore. On Nov 7, she had uploaded a video of herself eating 6,000 calories’ worth of local food dishes including Hainanese chicken rice and satay.

A quick search on YouTube also shows that Kinoshita has featured Singapore foods in the past.

Some of her videos on Singapore food include Myojo instant noodles Nissin’s Singapore chili crab cup noodles, chili prawns and mantouand more.