Kids as young as 4 in Singapore and the US are already owning mobile devices: Discovery

The children of Generation N (short for ‘net’) start swiping on phones almost from birth, Discovery said in a statement.

While concerns used to abound about limiting children’s screen time, parents are increasingly letting young children own mobile devices so they don’t end up unfamiliar with digital technology.

This is especially the case in markets like the US and Singapore, where people buy new mobile devices every few years. Parents’ spare devices then wind up in the hands of their kids, said Jay Trinidad, Discovery Networks’ Senior Vice President of Northeast Asia.

Speaking to Business Insider at the launch of Discovery Kids, an educational app for children aged four to seven, Trinidad said that ever since schools began incorporating mobile devices into classroom learning, parents have realised that their children must develop digital skills from young or risk being out of touch with modern technology.

These tech-savvy children, known as Generation N, are the new app’s target market.

A page on the Discovery Kids app, which targets children aged four to seven. 
Discovery Communications

“Kids of today are immersed into technology, swiping at iPhones pretty much from birth,” Discovery also said in a statement.

Trinidad shared that the Discovery Kids app fills a “huge white space” in the market for child-friendly educational apps, and aims to be a safe alternative to watching videos off Youtube, where children run the risk of coming across inappropriate content.

The app contains educational e-books and videos, over 50 games, and popular cartoons including My Little Pony and Angry Birds Toons.